Monday, July 23, 2012

2012 Prophecies real or not?

December 21st 2012: the date comes from the Mayan calendar.  The Mayans saw it as the end of a cycle.

2012 Doomsday? Well there is a lot of talk about this year:

  • The Mayan calendar
  • The World getting angry with the Elite? Is the "Arab spring" contagious?
  • Economies of the world collapsing? The United States might loose its status dragging the whole world down the cliff?
  • Will we experience food shortages, as population increases or is it due to us acting like locusts?
  • The approach of Planet X or Nibiru (from the ancient Egyptians, the bible calls it the destroyer.
  • The Galactic alignment?
  • Is the Earth magnetic field weakening? are the poles shifting? Ancient history shows us it has in the past.
  • Thousands of birds falling from the sky?
  • Whales and other mammals beaching themselves to die.
  • The earth's core increasing activity, creating more active volcanoes?
  • Fish dying in great numbers?
  • Earth quakes to be more evident due to tectonic plates shifting?
  • The Seven seals? Bible prophecies?
  • Fatima, the girl who saw the virgin Mary, would have given prophecies to the Vatican. The Vatican does not want to share the last one.
  • Earth warming or cooling? Global warming is ti man made or is it a cycle. Some say the solar system is warming.  Some say we will get global cooling?
Where is the truth? What are the tendencies?

One thing for sure the weather is dramatically changing.  We are now getting tornadoes in places never seen before. And where they were seen before, they are more violent and unpredictable.  Tropical storms now form next to the US coast.  They don't even travel through the Caribbeans, the Gulf of Mexico or the Atlantic.

Increased amounts of sink holes are seen allover the world.

So what is happening?
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