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Since it seems, the system I use has a totally different view or algorithm in determining the "All Time Favorites", I will be compiling and updating the Top Ten myself. The system does compile the number of views, yet it does not rank them accordingly, but instead into a choice of theirs.
Censorship obliges.

Updated August 19th, 2018 Number 1 with 3264 views:

Antifa manifesto leaked

Number 2 with 792 Views:

What is Liberty? A lesson on #Liberty

Number 3 with 746 views:

Number 4 with 740 views:

9/11 Conspiracy - Science

Number 5 with 704 views:
Great Civilizations and Empires
Rewritten to include World Explorers: History of the World

Number 6 with 650 views:

Deep State & Shadow Government

Number 7 with 571 views:

God Forbids Globalism

Number 8 with 562 views:

Number 9 with 553 views:

Learning From Experiences

Number 10 with 547 views:

The Top Ten sure does look much different than the Top Ten suggested by the system.
Morality: Do not trust someone else's system to do a job you wanted.

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