Saturday, August 18, 2012

Our future is grim

--> Everything points to more and more trouble. I think the possibilities are endless, not for the World to get better, but for the World to give us Mad Max future.

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The scenarios

The economy will collapse

Worldwide very soon.  If not triggered by the European problems, we in the US will take care of it by a multitude of ways.
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  • Banking system collapse. Yes, they are taking the money and keeping it to themselves, in the Caimans or other endeavor.
  • A growing government feeding hordes of unemployed people. I think we passed the 40 million number.
  • Our inability to spend less. With the wars we are engaging in now and the future ones, we are bound to go bankrupt, with this uncontrolled military spending. With what money have they and are they building this array of underground bases.
  • Civil unrest is being promoted by the Elite, and therefore, our government. They are unleashing their dogs, to create a confusion in the country beyond or imagination. They are dividing us to rule. And when I say to rule, I mean literally, have the ability to but lock us up in the any of the 600 F.E.M.A. camps around the country. In Anaheim California, the tanks are about to hit the streets, following 3 or more killings of unarmed men by the police. Yes, decent or protest (same to them), will be met by deadly force, and it could end in Martial law before we know it.

When will WWIII start?

  • The Chinese vs US relations are at an all time low. China is getting bold in the Indian ocean. Then again, why are we there? China will eventually have enough of being bullied by the US. China's land is starting to feel small, and they might soon start to claim stakes in places we never thought of. China wants to increase it's presence in Africa. China's military technology is growing to soon match their 900 million men and woman army. We claim to know all about their progress? Are we that strong in intelligence? We couldn't even have the right Intel about Iraq. We thought they had weapons when they didn't.
  • Will Israel attack Iran to cause us to support them, and China and Russia and the Arab world to embark in the war against the West.
  • Or maybe our dearest Nobel Peace Prize winning President, will attack Iran on his own. Better do that than loose an election already won by Romney. Yes, you heard me, do you really think that your votes count? The Elite has already picked the winner, and is feeding on your TV the benefits of a new President. Mot to sway the votes, just to make you believe, that the election was won fair and scare.
  • The Mahdi is coming! If you haven't heard that one, then you may want to reconsider the news you are watching. Who is that? That's the Jesus of the Muslim religion. So, War of religion it will be if he shows up.
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The question is: Can we loose?

  • If it goes Nuclear, we all do.
  • Any country with the ability to lunch a rocket in space, can detonate a nuke above us to create an E.M.P., and take us back to the horse and buggy times.
  • Then China can have it's 900 million men and woman army walk in.
  • How would we deal with mass attacks carried by individuals detonating bombs all over the country?
  • What if Europeans turn their backs on US (to stay out of the conflict), and all else to attack us, could we prevail without going Nuclear?

Water Filtration Bottle Ionic Adsorption System 24 oz tested EPA and NSF What if the weather?

What if, like some seem to think, mother nature unleashes on us a wave of disasters?
  • Hearth quakes, could give us Fukushima 10 fold.
  • Increasing Tornadoes
  • Increasing Hurricanes
  • Increased season patterns changes. More abrupt, Summer to Winter, skipping the in between.
  • Rise of the oceans (Nuclear plants drowning)
  • Planet heating up
  • Planet cooling (Ice age)
Well I don't know about you, but I am not waiting to see, to decide if I want to survive or not.

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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Wake UP

--> So What?
We are going to let them take us into WWIII against China, Russia, the Arab world, just for their profits?
It's about OIL, and other commodities, not humanitarian.
WW3 Russia,China, Iran Send 90000 Troops to Syria - 12 Warships

They have blocked all technological advances because the OIL and NUCLEAR companies would have gone out of business.
Who says Fukushima fallout is a hoax? Seriously?

There was and is many working alternatives to OIL and NUCLEAR.
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They have built underground bases that reach from Colorado to Texas and Mexico, with underground growing food supply, with our tax money (trillions of dollars disappearing?).
D.U.M.B.s Deep Underground Military Bases
And those underground complexes are NOT for the population,  they are for them, when all starts to die on the surface.

Revolution 2012: It's Time To Rise

The Twin Party Regime "NEOCONS" must be removed. Vote anything else but Republican or Democrats. Those have an agenda that will surprise you when it comes to conclusion.


Wednesday, August 8, 2012

California Shakes


California experiencing the usual shaking?

10 hours later

Overall Picture of Quakes in the area

Los Angeles shook by minor earthquakes, but scientists warn of looming disaster 


Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Gun owners are compensating for something.


A facebook debate

SDL:  Nope, you live in fear! get the hell out of your tyranic federation and come enjoying european democracies!

CR:  Europe = Rothschilds .... as does the Bank of England and the Federal Reserve ...... they are private corporations ... nothing more ...

FA:  I lived in Europe (France) until age 23, and there was plenty of crime there. I actually had many fights there, never did here in the US. Punks had knives, gangsters had guns. Here in the US we almost all have guns

SDL:  I think it is sad. The debate should rather be "how to decrease crime rates" than "how to deal with high crime rates".

MAR:  And there is a difference SDL?

SDL:  yes, education, drugs etc...

FA:  How to decrease crime rate SDL: Man comes into my house, I shoot him, He will no longer commit crimes.
My education has been quite extensive SDL. I don't remember how many times I put down into submission a bully in school. Most of the time, I wasn't even concerned, It just wasn't like me to see a stronger kid push around a weaker one.
That was in France by the way. If anybody was doing something to a weaker kid, I'd intervene and the bigger kid to make me the promise he will not do it again. I didn't have a gun, but I had 6 years of Judo and about 5 of Aikido. As an adult, the threats are becoming a little more dangerous, so a gun is my choice since now at 55 I no longer have the body I used to (I didn't age well, too many injuries). You seem to think Sebastien that the world is rosy, it is not. Try to go in other neighborhoods than the one you are accustomed to (I used to all the time to practice my skills, yes in France). I don't know in what country you live, but in France there was entire neighborhoods were the cops could not go in, so find one like that, go there, and tell me how you feel. By the way, don't believe they stay in their homes all the time, one of these days, even in your place of residence, one will jump someone you know and you will not be able to do anything. No, I don't believe in laying down and wait for the whim of another.

CAT:  By BECOMING violent yourself .. That's like covering yourself with frosting, so you don't become a cupcake. ..

MAR:  ...that is the most ridiculous thing I have ever read from you. Well, let me ask you this. WHO do YOU expect to PROTECT you? And with WHAT means? So if a COP protects you with violence, that is OK? And of course the cops life is worth less that yours which is why people like you are willing to have them sacrifice their lives to protect yours. Well, let's all hope that you never HAVE to have your life protected by a cop because the chances of one being there at the time needed is about the same as getting hit by lightning.

ISS:  I see. so, by this logic, CAT .... you expect a criminal to suddenly see the error of his ways because you refuse to defend yourself. Even if he is strung out on angel dust, PCP or heroin. great way to leave your children orphans, if you have any.

SDL:  Violence has never helped solving crime. Period. It cannot. FA, you just killed a man, bravo. Maybe you do not care. MAR that's what I said, you live in fear, you are short-sighted and you do not give a shit about future generations. The military is the main budget in US. Do you imagine what could be accomplished with all these trillions if they would be invested in education, social security, healthcare, etc. Don't you think it would have a better, long-term effect on criminality than just shooting a criminal?
It's the same as with geopolitics. US got the nuclear bomb, then USSR had to have it too, then China, then Israel, then India, therefore Pakistan etc... You are more reasonable than a criminal? Then stop the violence cycle...
PS: I am still waiting for an american citizen to give me a plausible explanation for the fact that among all high-income countries, you have the highest criminality rates, by all standards...

FA:  SDL, I agree that most countries, specifically the US spend way too much money in military and for war. I for myself advocate that all those wars (created for profit) should stop. The US military should leave all foreign bases. Yes, I agree, one bomb can build 5 schools. As far as the right to bear arms in the US, this right we have is to protect ourselves even from government. The founders of this country understood that if only government has weapons, they can dictate all they want to the people. I believe the dictatorship of all governments is about to settle one way or another. The UN wants to take the arms of the American people, it will never happen, we will never lay down and submit. The overall threat does not come from gangster people, it comes from our governments, and that's why we should be able to defend ourselves from tyranny by governments. We the people in the US are the last stand against the elite who want total control over the world, and not for some utopian bliss life. No they want control for the power to enslave us.

Highest criminal rates by all standards? What do you call criminal? Genocides in Africa (Sudan) not criminal? The people Sudan don't have guns, but the criminals do. And I am sure there is much criminality off the record that beats the reported criminality of the US. The US has the largest difference in standards of living in the world, that by it self creates criminals. And, no in the US there is not much of a support system for those in trouble for survival, so they have a tendency to result to criminality. On one side the rich and famous, on the other, over 3 million homeless people. Yeah, that has a tendency of creating havoc. In the US we have 3 million homeless and over 10 million vacant homes. Can you see the disparity of standard of living? Now why is it that the Arab countries have been revolting? For the past 50 years they have been watching on TV the rich and famous (including their Sheiks), when they barely can afford a pair of shoes. Can this entice envy and possibly violence? So there you have it: the US has poor people that have access to guns => easy to act like a criminal.
And in final for SDL, I have never killed anyone, I hope I will never have to. I hope my guns will remain sport items, and not instruments of death. But harm or threaten my family, and I will fight you with all I've got.
I forgot one thing SDL, I have enough training to kill a man with my bare hands in a few seconds. Did I ever kill anyone? NO, and I hope I never will.
I was always taught that the only way to avoid hurting someone was to have enough strength and ability to allow you to submit an individual without injuring them. Martial arts served that purpose. But what can I do against a gun? Therefore I needed a gun. And yes, the weak needs the added strength of a gun.
I believe in God. I do not practice any particular religion. I believe our God is a loving God, who cares for all his children. So, as a child of a loving father, I love all my brothers and sisters from any religion or race. I do NOT believe in Hell, for our father is a forgiving father, as I am for my daughter (I only have one), and my step children (I have a few of those). I believe that humanity will one day forget aggression and will live in peace and love. But until then (the same way that there was a war in Heaven) we need to fight evil, because evil still remains. and until evil is subdued, we must remain vigilant or we will loose. Who do I qualify as evil? All the worshipers of Satan, and they are still live a kicking. Who are they? They are those who crave for power and control. They are the decision makers of this World. They are the oppressors. If one believes such individuals do not exist, they will find out soon enough.
To anyone who advocates that guns are the problem to a peaceful society, I suggest you take a good look at all the ongoing genocides in the World, and ask yourself these questions:

Would genocide occur if there was no guns left on Earth?
Would genocide occur if the recipients of that annihilation  had guns?
Would genocide occur if the people of the World had the courage to take up arms against the aggressors of those countries?
Would genocide have occurred  if the Jews had weapons to fight the Nazis?
Did genocide occur when there was NO guns? 
Would genocide occur if there was no evil?
Should evil remain and be part of our societies?