Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Fighting Pre-crime is a CRIME

A 12-year-old boy on a playground was shot dead by police this weekend.

This is the 911 call that brought them there.
 911 call

Or other news:

12-Year-Old Shot by Cleveland Police for Carrying BB Gun!

12-year-old boy shot, killed by Cleveland Police officer at Cudell recreation center identified

"When I was 8 years old, I had a collection of toy guns that I played with regularly with my friends, and yes, even on playgrounds or around the house. That was 49 years ago. And NO, no cop came to shoot us, nor did neighbors call 911 because they saw us play with toy guns. It has become a problem today because of FEAR. People have become fearful of their shadows. Police is now doing crime prevention (even if it hasn't occurred or probably never will), when they should be investigating real crimes and arresting real criminals. Police today are so busy making money for their counties (hidden taxes) via tickets of no crimes ever committed, but laws that have no other intent but controlling the masses. YES, the Police State is here to stay and grow, unless WE start saying: ENOUGH!"

Fighting Pre-crime (name of an agency in the sci-fi movie Minority Report) is very dangerous for our society.  All in the name of safety WE are putting each and every one of us at the reach of the "LAW".  Any one of us can become a potential criminal if we fit the any profile defined by the "powers that be".  See:
  • Patriot Act
  • NDAA
  • Who knows what else, I am sure NSA has plenty of criteria's.

What are the differences between CRIME, LAW, Justice, RULES, REGULATIONS?

I was told numerous times by Judges while on jury duty: "Sir, it is NOT about Justice, we are here to apply the LAW".
 The more society becomes advanced, the more Rules (as in games), Regulations, and Laws are being drafted.  If those rules, Regulations, Laws were applied to every one, WE would have a FAIR game.  Unfortunately, this is NOT the case.  Many Rules, Regulations, Laws only apply to mostly the masses.  Those who create, referee, promote the "GAME" are often NOT concerned by those Rules, Regulations, Laws.
I wish WE could say: "You did not abide by the Rules, Regulations, Laws, therefore you DO NOT get the points, the goal, the reward."
Instead, what WE have here is systematic: "you are kicked out of the game, or you get a penalty for NOT following the Rules, Regulations, Laws".  Keep in mind, those Rules, Regulations, Laws, are created by the "Powers that be".  The "Powers that be" do not play by those Rules, Regulations, Laws, they are pretty much exempt.  YET, they play the "GAME".
CRIMES are defined by the "Powers that be". (see Patriot Act, NDAA)
 When in reality, a CRIME is only committed if there is a VICTIM:

  • A drunk driver drives home and goes to sleep: NO crime (he did however break the rules, regulations, laws of (depends what state or country).
  • A drunk driver drives home and in the process, destroys the fence of his neighbor: CRIME.  His neighbor suffered a LOSS, therefore the drunk driver should pay the penalty prescribed by law + fix the damage he caused.
  • A driver KILLS his neighbor while turning into his poorly lit driveway (neighbor was walking his dog on the side walk): CRIME!  I think according to our laws it goes something like this: "Involuntary Man Slaughter".  (unless we find out the neighbor was having an affair with his wife, in this case, it becomes: "Crime of passion, and Man Slaughter").  Now, if he planned this by staying parked in the dark on the other side of the road, it is called "Premeditated Murder".
  • A driver breaks the legs of his neighbor while turning into his poorly lit driveway: CRIME! The neighbor suffered injuries, and the driver not only should be penalized by the law, but also pay for the hospital stay, the loss of income inflicted to the neighbor, and should take care of his garden in the mean time.
Bottom line the Larger Rule, Regulation, Law, (some call it Common Law), is: NO VICTIM, NO CRIME! or:  IF THERE IS A VICTIM, THERE IS A CRIME.