Friday, June 29, 2018

How can people believe this?

Last night, I was sitting outside on the patio in the back of the house.
I often do this, ever since I am no longer part of the busy life style of the young and productive people. I spend a lot of time starring at the sky, enjoying sunrises and sunsets.

Moon rises can be something else, when they occur long after the sun has set. Last night, I thought a large fire had started miles away from my view point. This orange glow was growing in the distance, I could even start to see a hot spot of mixed yellow and red. At this point, I went and fetched my camera to film this growing wild fire.

To my surprise, it was not a fire, but the Moon rising!
In the darkness of night, it looked like a fire had started far away.

Then again, I often tell my self my observation regarding the Moon, how is it that the Moon doesn't change shape cyclicly with the rise and setting of the Sun, through the day?  Since it is said that the shadow of the Earth is what causes 'mostly' the Moon phases, it should change shape by the hour if not by the minute. It should go from a thin crescent to a full Moon daily.
Think about it, folks. Since supposedly the Moonlight is a reflexion of the Sunlight?

One day most of you, as you get older, will take the time to look and observe all those wonders of our World, and just like me, you will come to question the things 'they' say.

Want to see the short shaky video?

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Broken Immigration to be Fixed

In 2017 it was Loretta Lynch calling for blood in the streets, today Maxine Waters calls for harassment of political foes.
Mobs of Liberals will harass those with opposite views: Nationalists; Conservatives; Republicans; etc...
Eventually a dreadful event will take place and retaliation may occur, causing escalation into a Civil War.
Careful what you wish for.  Real Americans may get angry.
Wanting NO borders and NO Nations may be what you want, but some will defend their way of life, their Nation, their families and homes. Not all will accept this utopian no border no nation philosophy. Life, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness will not be given up to the hive society of Socialism, Communism, and Marxism.

Globalism is a disease, that must be stopped at all cost.
Global Governance will only give us oppression, slavery, and Tyranny.
Papa Bush's New World Order, was not meant to benefit America, but the the Global Cabal thirsty for power. We will not allow the few Elite families of the World to rule us.

What is Liberty? Why is it such a young concept? America is the only country in the World that was able to suppress successfully Monarchy. All other countries in the World are still under either a semblance of monarchy or Oligarchy.

If diversity is what you want, what better thing than diverse Nations, with their heritage and traditions. If borders disappear, all nations will cease to exist, all traditions and heritages will be diluted into the pool of nothingness.

We can still be Sovereign Nations, and live and benefit each other's well being. Commerce and trade is of the essence, for a desired wealth and benefit acquisition.

What was and still is Broken?

The American immigration system has long been disrupted (by the Globalists, on purpose) and no longer works. It must be revised and improved.

In the early 1900's, an immigrant would get off the boat in Ellis Island. There they were checked for diseases and had to prove their self sufficiency in their new country of adoption, in order to be allowed to the main land. Often, they were required to have a sponsor. Within 2 months they were either sent back or given access.

In the early 1980's, I myself became an immigrant to the US, from France. I already had family here since the 60's. I was however required to have a sponsor. I had two sponsors: an employer, and my aunt. The process would have granted Residency within a year. It just happened that I got married, and got my 'Green Card' 6 months after my entry.

Step forward to 2001. I petitioned to bring my still employable mother. The documents I filled required me to be her support. In 2004, Immigration still had not completed her case. It took letters to members of Congress from my state to get things to move forward. And they did, within 2 weeks of my letters, she was granted an interview at the US Consulate in Paris. Got her 'Green Card' within a month, and was able to reside and eventually become a US citizen.
If this is NOT proof of a broken Immigration system, I don't know what is.


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Sunday, June 24, 2018

World Cup Knockout Round

Group ARussia & Uruguay have secured the next round.
Group B: It is still too early to call as we know in this game anything can happen. But Spain and Portugal should make it to the next round.
Group C: Unless Australia becomes a World contender overnight, Denmark should be the runner-up. France has already secured their spot.
Group DCroatia is safe to move on.
Group E: Brazil, Switzerland, Serbia?
Group F: Only Mexico has secured their spot. Either Germany or Sweden can become runner-up.
Group GEngland & Belgium are advancing to the next round.
Group H: If this game was anything logical, Japan should beat Poland, & Senegal should beat Columbia. 
As of June 24th, only 7 teams (in Green) are sure to enter the Knockout round.
Let's Gamble:

Thursday, June 21, 2018

Make the World a Better Place

We owe it to our children before we move on the a 'batter place'

Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness.

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Wednesday, June 20, 2018

World Cup 2018

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Come and visit!

  • Half Time and End of Game comments.
  • Game schedule
  • Team Rankings
  • and more...
Just on the lighter side of things, a little entertainment, a game I did love and played for many years.

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Tuesday, June 19, 2018

World History Part I

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This is a chronological and condensed version of World History that started 6000 years ago. Major events and developments are recounted until the end of the 18th Century.

In the Beginning

6022 years ago (4004 B.C.), God created the Earth and separated it from the Heavens. He also created Mankind and all the creatures that inhabits the Earth.
Less than 100 years later, Cain killed Abel and was exiled.
No one knows how many sons and daughters Adam had during his 930 year life. Seth (his favorite son) was born when Adam reached 130 years.
Cain took one of his sister or niece, for wife.
Cain and his descendants built the first City. His exiled people populated the whole Earth, by the billions considering Human life span at the time.
By 3300 B.C. the first known civilization Mesopotamia made it’s footprint. Artifacts of Mesopotamia have been found in the past few centuries. Other unknown civilizations had flourished throughout the Earth, some quite advanced, if we consider the finds that to this day we cannot explain.  (Advanced Ancient Civilizations).  There is a strong possibility that ancient civilizations were well versed in genetic alterations and modifications, among other scientific activities. Keep in mind that those intrigued by science had more than a half century of research (if we compare to today's scientists), but instead, had centuries at their disposal for their work.
Something went very wrong. Something that the Creator could not accept. There were Giants in those days. There were also Men unlike normal men, mighty menmen of renown, or men that gave us legends and mythology. Some men were considered gods because of their supernatural abilities. The Earth was filled with violence.  All flesh was corrupt. The fossils of monsters that we find in archeological digs were more than likely not created by God, but by mad scientists.
Around 3100 B.C., God warns Noah and instructs him to build an Arc. Noah labored years on to accomplish the task.
By 3050 B.C. Adam, the Patriarch of Mankind, dies.
Around 2900 B.C. one man is taken up to Heaven without experiencing death: Enoch.
Lamech, Noah’s father, dies a few decades before the Flood of 2345 B.C.
2345 B.C. Noah loads the Arc as instructed by God, and the doors are closed from the outside.  Every creature on land is taken by the Flood, all creatures with flight die in the months following.  Only the Sea creatures and the passengers of the Arc survived.
Methuselah son of Enoch dies of the Flood.
The devastation of the Flood.  The violence and the force of the waters literally shifted tectonic plates. Wonders like the Grand Canyon, were made in minutes, as the waters woodshed through the land when the water was drained. Miles high of water returned to the deep, causing havoc on anything solid. Carcasses of land animals were trapped between earth plates and sediments. And as the waters finally settled, entire ancient cities remained submerged. To this day we often discover new ones.

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Thursday, June 14, 2018

Defense without a weapon

Martial Arts or Hand Combat.

I did not consider myself an expert, however, I have defended myself or others on many occasions. I have only lost one fight in my entire life. If I can call that one a fight, as it was more a sucker head but, and I was only 8 years old. Did loose my teeth on that one. To this day one of my broken front tooth reminds me of it.

At age 5, I started practicing Judo, for 4 years. At age 12 I defeated my to be best friend who was a state champion of Judo.

At 19 years old, I studied Aikido for 5 years. At a rate of 3 practices a week, and one weekend camp a month.

Later, I tried Shotokan Karate (didn't do it for long, as it required too much strength, and it was counter to my Aikido training). For about 6 months it taught me how to really give a punch.

Later, I practiced Taekwon Do, for a year and a half. I did learn how to kick. However, aerial kicks were not my favorite, as my soccer legs did not allow me to kick very high. Not limber enough. But I could jump, and I gathered a few favorite kicks that are a lethal combination. My partners were ticked off when I slipped under their high kicks, to turn to their backs to pretend a killing punch to the back of the head. "It was not authorized in competition".

I then traveled from PA to practice in an Aikido Club in Maryland, for a bout year.

I then practiced for 1 year in a Police center of NH that offered Aikido. The sensei (a police officer) was very effective, his students much less.

There is an excellent Aikido Club in Orlando Florida ( ). I went to visit them after I moved to Orlando in 2004. I practiced with them a few times, but never enrolled, as my older/broken body no longer allows me to practice with any intensity. I have practiced my sword and stick on a daily basis, until recently (2011) because of knees, back, and shoulder problems. (arthritis as settled)

Martial Arts

I can only speak of the Martial Arts I have practiced. However, this doc, can engage others to share their experiences.

In order, of favorites and to my opinion effectiveness:
  1. Aikido, by far from my experience, the most versatile Martial Art, if taught right. It does however become effective, only after a minimum of 2 years of practice. Until then, assume that you are fit, but that's about it. After a few years, it encompasses a wide array of techniques, and behavior. The techniques, can be seen applied by police officers every day. Taekwon Do, has it's variation of it called Hapkido. Your walk will change, all your movements will change. Your awareness of your surroundings entirely different. Your feeling about the smallest things will change. It will be like having a sixth sense. For some reason, you will no longer hit your head or bump into things anymore. Your flexibility, will become that of an accomplished athlete. (I can't any more, or wont try it, but I used to be able to do a backwards hand stand). The drawback is that there are no competitions. And to prove yourself, you would actually have to go somewhere where you would be likely to get attacked (I did, but I was only in my early 20's).

  2. Taekon Do, if you are limber, and flexible with your legs, it is for you. It is a most versatile combat sport. Couple with Hapkido, you now have a bit of the Aikido side. I say a bit because the way the Hapkido techniques are taught, they are not as effective as Aikido. The kicks can be lethal, and only a few of them can allow you to topple your opponent. The problem with it, is that it is taught too much for competitions. Competitions have rules, and rules, there are none when it comes to win at all cost.

  3. Shotokan Karate. If you are a physically strong person, this is for you. Brute force here is necessary. You cannot be afraid of impacts during practice. It is straight forward, and brutal. A strong person with the skills of Karate, is like a bull in a crystal forest.

  4. Finally, Judo. Judo is a great sport. A great introduction to martial arts, and my favorite for children to practice. As for the effectiveness, I have met a few black belts, and they are very fit and agile, strong in the sense of a superb stability. Try to push down a Judoka and you will get a sense of it. And, on the ground they make it very difficult to subdue. A 20+ year master of Judo, is an incredible force to be reckoned with. If one stick to it, it becomes a great martial art. But for some reason, I found so many Judoka's on the Aikido mats. It seems they have a tendency to change over to something more real.
A few recommendations to anyone who is about to defend himself.  Never act like you are ready to defend yourself. It is not the movies.  The best defense is an attack.  You must surprise your opponent if you want success.  The "en garde" thing were someone puts his hands up and starts to jump around is nonsense, for a few reasons.  One, as I said, he or she cannot know when you will strike.  Second, the most difficult strike to defend against is one coming from lower.  Third, while you are busy tensing, jumping, your mind is busy and cannot react effectively, it is better to remain calm, and steady, with an empty mind if you can achieve that.  That's one of the things taught in martial arts: empty mind.  Fear is your greatest enemy, as it will keep your mind busy, and will prevent you from reacting effectively.

About 40 years ago, I was bullied by a mountain of a man while in line for a movie theater. He was behind my friend and I, and was flicking the ashes of his cigarette in my helmet. After questioning him about it, I realized that it was a waist of time.  I then politely asked him and his shorter friend to go in front of us.  Which they did while enjoying their progress, laughing at us.  I was young.  My blood started to boil.  And I knocked him out with the swing of my helmet onto his head.  We left the scene.  But I can guaranty that this man thought twice before doing something like it again.

Was I fair? No, absolutely not. But I won.

This is what I mean by not showing your intent to fight. It must come as a surprise, if you want guarantied success.  Sometimes, without knocking out the person, the surprise is enough that they will feel fear.

Stability is the one of the major quality in a fighter. I have experienced it demonstrated by people who were capable of changing their body mass. Ever heard of dead weight? Well some people can move and at the same time be dead weight. It is stunning when you come across such individuals. They feel like a wall.

It is something that can be practiced (everything can be practiced). However, for someone to be able to learn it, they first must lean their body center, through meditation (Zen allows such practice or the combination of meditation and recognizing your center of energy). The Center of Energy is also the center of your body and center of stability.

I have perfected meditation and center of energy. However, as far as stability, I fall short. When I move, I am not capable of harnessing that dead weight ability. If stability is what I want, for example, I am able to gain the dead weight state, when I am preparing for being pushed or if I initiate a straight forward pushing motion. Other than that I haven't gotten there like some of my ex-partners

The Center of Energy (Ki) is the point between your belly button and the sex, at mid distance. This is the point where everything originates. Movement; strikes; stability; all start there. A punch starts there, a push or a throw starts there. Your stability depends on your consciousness of that primal point. The position of your body depends on it. A spinning movement depends on it. Nobushi Tamura (was an avid discothèque dancer), said once while at a bar: "A good dancer is a good fighter". If you observe a dancer, they have it figured out. Tamura was a direct student of Moreihi Ueshiba (the founder of Aikido).

Typically, any strike starts from there. I personally love to demonstrate it. Someone can be pushed out of the way (with the belly) through a hip movement around that center. If the movement is strong enough and the arms are limb, the arm swing at the same rate following the hips. All you have to do is at the end make a fist, and strengthen the arm. This makes for the most lethal punches. It makes the punch baked up by the whole body weight. It's like behind the fist, is the arm pushed by the body. Unlike a punch with the arm and shoulder only.

Power is the result of utilizing the center of energy couple with many years of practice.

Punches, throws, movements, etc, can become very powerful when practiced with that in mind. Initially, it is always recommended to practice a technique without trying to apply power until you have a good understanding of stability, and your center of energy. It is commonly called practicing the form. Or practicing the flow of a movement. Once the movement is almost a second nature, then trying to apply power is a must. One cannot just practice forms for ever, it would actually render any practice worthless.

Harmony is used and must be used to develop a sort of six sense, when practicing with a partner. Now, practices cannot just be done in harmony. If your partner, is well trained in rolls, falls, movements, and is receptive to this sixth sense, then practicing with power is a must. If the partner is not well trained, you will simply hurt him or her (send them to the hospital), and nothing good will come out of it. Harmony is part of Aikido, as in the (DO), the way. Harmony will develop the sixth sense of feeling things. After practicing enough that way, a person is likely sense a push, an obstacle, a resistance, a weakness. An obstacle? Yes, after a few years, I found my self detecting things. Where before I would have bumped my head against something, I suddenly avoided anything of that sort.

Flexibility is very important for a person of lesser strength. Not so important for a strong person (although: "the taller or stronger they are the harder they fall or break"). Flexibility is often associated with the bamboo. A bamboo will flex, and return. With this basic idea, a weak person can actually be more of a problem to a stronger person. Flexibility will allow you to fall, roll, bend, without hurting your own body.





Aikido O Sensei Morihei Ueshiba Divine Techniques 1962 1969

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Tuesday, June 12, 2018

The time to start prepping is now!

If you watch the news or even just glimpses of it, there is no doubt that there are bad things happening in our country and all over the world. The media seems to be going full blast to spread lies and hate to the people. If you are not aware, the majority of the media is biased against conservatives and what is best for America. They have an agenda to make President Trump fail and will blame whatever they can on him. And it's not just the media. Recently actor Robert DeNiro made a comment at the Tony Awards by saying "fuck Trump." Most people in Hollywood are liberals and don't want to see President Trump succeed in is mission to make America great again. President Trump seems to being doing a great job at exposing the corruption in Washington D.C., most of which is coming from the democrats. The democrats see that their time in office and getting rich off of tax payers dollars is coming to an end. They don't want to loose that power and I believe they will do whatever is necessary to remain in power and remove President Trump. This is the beginning of a widespread social and political collapse that we may see in our country. And it may happen sooner than you think.

So what will the politicians in D.C. do to remain in power and remove President Trump? Maybe they will stage an economic collapse and blame that on the president. Maybe they will stage another mass shooting in another attempt to take away your right to bear arms. Maybe they will stage a terrorist attack to implement martial law. All of this will be done as a distraction to make you look away at what good the president is doing and from all the evil that the democrats are doing. I wish I had a more specific answer, but there is no doubt that this is the time to start getting things in order.  You must make sure that you have at least at months supply of food and water at hand. Start putting some money aside and keep a small amount of cash on you in case credit cards will not be able to be used for whatever reason.

Take a look at how the millennials are acting and thinking these days. Many are pushing for a socialist or communist type of government. They have been brainwashed by the education system and media where they believe they are entitled to whatever they can think of. And if they don't get their way, they act out in violence and start destroying public property. Although the media and education system have a big part in their way of thinking, so does their parents and the way they were raised. Technology has a huge influence on young minds. They are more interested in getting "likes" or "followers" on social media that they can't interact with people face to face. Their ability to deal with criticism is diminished and they can't deal with rejection. They are unhappy with their lives and don't believe that you should be successful and they will destroy your property that they believe you don't deserve to own in the first place. Since there are so many of these types of millennials out there, chances are you will encounter them at some point, especially in a large city and you may be a target to them.

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So what can we do to protect ourselves? Always keep your head on a swivel and be alert to what is going on around you at all times. If you are able to do so, carry a concealed weapon. Get a bug out bag and keep it stocked with what is needed to survive for a few days. Food, water, shelter, clothing and a first aid kit are the minimum of what you should have in it. Keep a good supply of food and water at your home. Make sure that your vehicle has enough gas and no problems in case you need to travel unexpectedly. Keep a good supply of any medications you may need on hand.

I have also started a Patreon page where I will be uploading videos for you to view on prepping and survival. You can visit my page at Some patrons will also be entered into a drawing where you can win items that I do product reviews on. I also have a Facebook page at and a Twitter account, Feel free to contact me on any of these platforms and if possible, become one of my patrons on Patreon. Here you will gain valuable knowledge of what to do in disaster scenarios.

PART II: LaVoy - Dead Man Talking Trailer #2

Dear Friend,

I wanted to provide a quick legal update. First, the FBI agent, W. Joseph Astarita, involved in the shooting of my husband is scheduled to go to trial.  The prosecution allege that the agent fired his weapon at LaVoy's truck and later denied doing so. He has been charged with making false statements to investigators and the obstruction of justice.  It looks like the this agent's trial will be in July and, despite the costs involved, I plan on being in that courtroom.

This is a difficult time of year because our kids will not have their father present on Father's Day and grandchildren will not be able to see their grandfather. To everyone who has supported my family, thank you.  Your notes, letters and financial support have sustained us.

As a family, we believe one of the best ways we can honor LaVoy as a father is to make sure we share his message and the principles he both lived and died for.  That is why we are pursuing justice through the court system for his death and have spent countless hours with the Center for Self Governance creating the documentary, "LaVoy: Dead Man Talking" - you can watch the incredible preview here.

We are also offering a special hardback edition of LaVoy's book "Only by Blood and Suffering" -- each one is signed by me and individually numbered We also have t-shirts, stickers, postcards and hats for Father's Day.  All proceeds go to support the family.

We need to do our part in holding the government responsible for LaVoy's death.

Best wishes,

Jeanette Finicum

Saturday, June 9, 2018

Top Blog Posts ALL TIME

Since it seems, the system I use has a totally different view or algorithm in determining the "All Time Favorites", I will be compiling and updating the Top Ten myself. The system does compile the number of views, yet it does not rank them accordingly, but instead into a choice of theirs.
Censorship obliges.

Number 1 with 3200 views:

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The Top Ten sure does look much different than the Top Ten suggested by the system.
While I was at it, I ranked the following ones down to the TOP 30:



















Morality: Do not trust someone else's system to do a job you wanted.

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Thursday, June 7, 2018

The "Silent Killer" Was Here

A Nose Bleed For Warning

Just about a week ago I was forced to check into an Emergency Room, for a four hour nose bleed that had turned into an hemorrhage.
I honestly can say I was a little panicked seeing that I couldn't stop this nose bleed.
Never in my life have I had a nose bleed, except for the two days prior to this. Yes, three days in a row, I had a small and short nose bleed when blowing my nose.
It took over an hour for the Doc to stop the bleeding. And after an hour of observation, the bleeding restarted. The Doc then was forced to use what they call a Rhino Rocket or an inflatable tampon.

The Emergency room then transferred me to another hospital where they had a Nose/Throat/Ear specialist.

Yes, ever since I was a teenager, I've had chronic sinus infections and had learned to live with it.
Using a Neti Pot regularly was my routine.

Was it a blessing?
Thanks to that nuisance nose bleed, I learned that I now had High Blood Pressure, and had joined the ranks of the sick Seniors.

I had been clueless as to my evolving condition. They call it the "silent killer".

Untreated hypertension increases the risk of heart disease and stroke. These are the first and third commonest causes of death in the USA. Hypertensioncan also damage the kidneys and increase the risk of blindness and dementia. That is why hypertension is referred to as a "silent killer."

How did it come about?

Throughout  my life I had been a very physically capable individual.
At age five I started Judo. In my early teens I played Soccer in clubs. In my mid teens, instead of playing within my age group, the club I belonged to, after a medical examination, had me play in the adult divisions.
By then I already was a better athlete than most of my friends. My running speeds, accelerations, and durability were above those of my age.
In gym class I always excelled and was even a better Shot-put thrower than kids a foot taller than me.
At 18 years old (France), I started to practice Aikido in a club that had a very aggressive approach to the Martial Art. The advanced class was taught by a man nicknamed "Little Dragon" by no other than Nobuyoshi Tamura (a legend of his time and a direct student of the founder). Jean-Luc (the instructor's name), had defined the mat area as a battle zone.
He was very demanding of his students. The pace of his 2 hour class was not for every one. He often signed us up for training camps and seminars. Most seminars were 4 periods of 3-4 hours and depending on the Master, could be very draining.
In my mid 20's I took Karate (taught by a US full contact champion). In my In my early 30's I joined a TaeKwonDo Class.
In my mid 30's I returned to Soccer in the US, as the demand for qualified players and coaches increased. I was first asked to Help a YMCA for the kids.
A few years later a High School wanted to start a program and hired me.

South Western High (Hanover, PA) Soccer team
In the mean time friends and I were competing and that's when things went wrong.

I dislocated both of my knees multiple times playing indoors. Snapped ligaments in the knees remained this way for decades without reconstruction. I had enough muscle mass in my legs to compensate for the missing ligaments.
It went OK, until I got older, and my legs weakened. Then knee dislocations became daunting, as they started to occur at random.

Even so, until 2000, I always cured my colds by running 2 miles as fast as I could. Sweating it out, taking a hot shower, a Hot Toddy, bed and lots of blankets fixed me right up. I never was a 'visit the doc" for a cold type of individual.

Questions doctors ask: Are you taking medications? Are you allergic to anything? Do you have any chronic disease?
The answer was always: NO, unless weak sinuses fit in that category.

And then the dreadful "High Side" at 70 MPH during a motorcycle road race in 2001.
Now, my back was added to my body's weaknesses.

10 years later, I was deemed 'Disabled' because of knees and back injuries.

My years of physical abilities had ended, and I was OK with it. I just read and wrote more.

But, the problem was that I was now incapable of exercising and staying fit. I could barely walk more than 500ft without my knees swelling. I couldn't bend down for too long as my back would give me pains that only laying down could alleviate. By then I celebrated my 60th birthday.

End result, with no exercise, this once fit body of mine degraded and I am now, not only disabled, but also sick.

I do have a grand-son, that I must see grow a little before I croak.
So, I will heed doctors advices to prolong this so interesting and full life of mine.

Things I used to tell my students

In 2004, I had become a motorcycle technical instructor in a private school, and I used to warn my cocky Motocross racer students against the multiple injuries they bragged about.
"You'll be OK, but when you get older, you'll pay for all those injuries."