Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Why secrets?

Why secrets?
Why is it that more and more, government is keeping secrets from people? Don't we "elect" them to represent us?
I am no expert in science but I believe we should be aware of every endeavor the government gets into.
Today my grippe is the existence of HAARP. Some say it is the cause of monster storms. I don't know about that, but one thing I know is why do we fund such secret projects?

  • Area 51
  • CIA
  • NSA
  • Chem trails
  • GMO's
And truthfully I don't know what else is secret. How about suppression of free energy for the benefit of OIL & Nuclear companies?

Monday, October 29, 2012

Hurricane Sandy, the human factor

Here is a thought. Sandy could be responsible for extensive damages in the North East. Millions of people may not be able to return to what they used to call home. What will happen? Will they be parked in camps until normalcy is restored? The few rich have already temporarily relocated into hotels in the South, for an extended vacation (I know, hotels here in Orlando are filling up. My wife works 
in one of them.) But how about the less fortunate? I wonder?If it takes a long time, after this hand of God storm, for people to able to return home, will the owners of the 45 millions + of empty homes open them as temporary shelters? I know for a fact that in my development here in Florida, there is at least a dozen of vacant homes owned by the banks. Just a thought... If you find your self sitting in some sort of FEMA camp, know that there were alternative solutions to allow you to live a normal life. and the only reason you wont, is because of the greed of the few. I personally will help my fellow human (I actually have a spare room). Will the banks do the same? I think this storm will turn out into a wake up call for all Americans.

Now keep in mind that the banks got our tax-payer money to save their asses. Let's see if they will save the american families. I truly think we will have our eyes opened with this storm. And Mr Obama, will he ask the banks to open the doors of all the vacant homes? Or will we have to break them open?

Or, will Mr Obama simply tax those unaffected to force them to help those in need? We will all be affected, I believe, they will reroute food and supplies to the various camps around the country anyway.

The hand of God is testing us.

Let see, if you are one living from paycheck to paycheck, and have no family to go to. Or if your hole family lives in the suspected disaster area? Where do you go if evacuated?

Just a thought.