Monday, May 17, 2021

Something to Help You make an informed decision.


Let's be realistic, the same people that advocate population reduction want to save lives?

Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Divided We Fall: Ripe for the Picking

"Every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation; and every city or house divided against itself shall not stand" _ Matthew 12:25

The Mental Check List

  • Political party?
  • Ideology?
  • Race?
  • Religion?
  • Gender?
  • The World?
  • Trust Government?
  • Masked?
  • Social Distance?
  • Vaccinated?
These are only 10 Divisions I can think of, but I'm sure there are many more in the form of criteria for association.

Governments will segregate

Soon, there will be Laws prohibiting association with the non-vaccinated. And more, prohibiting access to many activities or places.

A Fringe society is likely to emerge.


The 1993 movie 'Demolition Man' predicted the future.

Monday, May 10, 2021

Correlation: North Star & Big Dipper

'Scientist', please explain why Navigators have used this for thousands of years.

Yet, 'In the chaos of the expending universe, and fast moving solar system' the Big Dipper and the North Star have been steadfast in the same position, and I'm not even mentioning that the same goes for all the Constellations.

No comment.

Saturday, May 8, 2021

63 and Not a healthy Lifestyle

The Hoax that Put the World on it's Knees

The Talking Heads are going full steam ahead to convince populations to stay locked-up or get the injection.  In all their stupidity, they preach. See, they are not stupid, they just are goons of the Global Elites. The Global Elites (they control the governments by the way), DO NOT care about the "Useless Eaters".  They wish for the World to be their private playground. A World where only 500 Millions humans cater to all their needs. Yes, this is the population reduction they've been talking about, 7.2 billions down to 500 millions.  So if you believe that they are trying to save lives, you are a special kind of stupid.  (remember, they control the governments)

Bill Gates's goal has always been to make most people sterile, unable to procreate. He's been working his butt off in Africa so far, and he and his buddies have expended to the World.

Reports of injection side effects? VAERS system

Pregnant women miscarry.  Women past menopause, bleed again (only from contact with the vaccinated?).  Young women get very irregular periods or become sterile (again from contact?)

Are they creating a race of anti human poisonous infectious hybrid?

What does a normal healthy Senior do to stay fit?

They exercise, eat well, keep themselves busy & happy.

I don't, I can't, I wish I could.  Unfortunately, my life as an athlete (played soccer, practiced 4 different martial arts, raced motorcycles) came to an end. Until the age of 55, I was able to run regularly, twice a week 2 miles under 20 minutes.  Unfortunately, my injured knees, back, shoulders, started to degenerate. One day as I was walking a hallway at work, a piece of cartilage (about a 1/4 inch in size) in my right knee came loose and locked the knee.  After that it went downhill, even one of my hips is giving me trouble. And I gained 45 lbs. Went from 190 lbs to 235 lbs (I was 5'10" tall. I say was because my injured lower spine compacted)

So I would, I thought at 63, went this 'pandemic' hit I'd leave you all. It started in to spread in March 2020, and we are in May 2021. So far so good.

Yes, I did get very sick. Old habits are hard to stop. Whenever I'd get sick (in the past), I'd go for a run, sweated it out, and it'd pass within a day. I couldn't do that (can't run anymore).  So for almost 3 weeks I was as sick as I had ever been.  Didn't go to the doctor (you know? Old habits).  It could have been COVID, the symptoms matched.  So maybe I'm part of the stats saying that 99.8% of infected survive this virus.  No, wait a minute I wasn't in the stats, nobody ever asked me.  How many like me were never in the stats?  So maybe, this survivability rate rate of 99.8% is more like 99.9%?  And no, I never was tested, and will NOT take a chance with their gene reaction (see definition of MrNA) experimental vaccine.

So far 2,470 people died after the injection in 2021 (as of Apr10th 2021). Was it direct cause? It was reported as in the VAERS system. How many are permanently mimed from it? (paralysis, uncontrollable tremors, et...)  Source of the above number and list of adverse effects listed in

I don't feel like playing Russian roulette, therefore I will NOT get injected.

I'll trust my own immune system, not one that has been modified by some gene reaction technology.