Saturday, August 18, 2012

Our future is grim

--> Everything points to more and more trouble. I think the possibilities are endless, not for the World to get better, but for the World to give us Mad Max future.

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The scenarios

The economy will collapse

Worldwide very soon.  If not triggered by the European problems, we in the US will take care of it by a multitude of ways.
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  • Banking system collapse. Yes, they are taking the money and keeping it to themselves, in the Caimans or other endeavor.
  • A growing government feeding hordes of unemployed people. I think we passed the 40 million number.
  • Our inability to spend less. With the wars we are engaging in now and the future ones, we are bound to go bankrupt, with this uncontrolled military spending. With what money have they and are they building this array of underground bases.
  • Civil unrest is being promoted by the Elite, and therefore, our government. They are unleashing their dogs, to create a confusion in the country beyond or imagination. They are dividing us to rule. And when I say to rule, I mean literally, have the ability to but lock us up in the any of the 600 F.E.M.A. camps around the country. In Anaheim California, the tanks are about to hit the streets, following 3 or more killings of unarmed men by the police. Yes, decent or protest (same to them), will be met by deadly force, and it could end in Martial law before we know it.

When will WWIII start?

  • The Chinese vs US relations are at an all time low. China is getting bold in the Indian ocean. Then again, why are we there? China will eventually have enough of being bullied by the US. China's land is starting to feel small, and they might soon start to claim stakes in places we never thought of. China wants to increase it's presence in Africa. China's military technology is growing to soon match their 900 million men and woman army. We claim to know all about their progress? Are we that strong in intelligence? We couldn't even have the right Intel about Iraq. We thought they had weapons when they didn't.
  • Will Israel attack Iran to cause us to support them, and China and Russia and the Arab world to embark in the war against the West.
  • Or maybe our dearest Nobel Peace Prize winning President, will attack Iran on his own. Better do that than loose an election already won by Romney. Yes, you heard me, do you really think that your votes count? The Elite has already picked the winner, and is feeding on your TV the benefits of a new President. Mot to sway the votes, just to make you believe, that the election was won fair and scare.
  • The Mahdi is coming! If you haven't heard that one, then you may want to reconsider the news you are watching. Who is that? That's the Jesus of the Muslim religion. So, War of religion it will be if he shows up.
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The question is: Can we loose?

  • If it goes Nuclear, we all do.
  • Any country with the ability to lunch a rocket in space, can detonate a nuke above us to create an E.M.P., and take us back to the horse and buggy times.
  • Then China can have it's 900 million men and woman army walk in.
  • How would we deal with mass attacks carried by individuals detonating bombs all over the country?
  • What if Europeans turn their backs on US (to stay out of the conflict), and all else to attack us, could we prevail without going Nuclear?

Water Filtration Bottle Ionic Adsorption System 24 oz tested EPA and NSF What if the weather?

What if, like some seem to think, mother nature unleashes on us a wave of disasters?
  • Hearth quakes, could give us Fukushima 10 fold.
  • Increasing Tornadoes
  • Increasing Hurricanes
  • Increased season patterns changes. More abrupt, Summer to Winter, skipping the in between.
  • Rise of the oceans (Nuclear plants drowning)
  • Planet heating up
  • Planet cooling (Ice age)
Well I don't know about you, but I am not waiting to see, to decide if I want to survive or not.

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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Wake UP

--> So What?
We are going to let them take us into WWIII against China, Russia, the Arab world, just for their profits?
It's about OIL, and other commodities, not humanitarian.
WW3 Russia,China, Iran Send 90000 Troops to Syria - 12 Warships

They have blocked all technological advances because the OIL and NUCLEAR companies would have gone out of business.
Who says Fukushima fallout is a hoax? Seriously?

There was and is many working alternatives to OIL and NUCLEAR.
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They have built underground bases that reach from Colorado to Texas and Mexico, with underground growing food supply, with our tax money (trillions of dollars disappearing?).
D.U.M.B.s Deep Underground Military Bases
And those underground complexes are NOT for the population,  they are for them, when all starts to die on the surface.

Revolution 2012: It's Time To Rise

The Twin Party Regime "NEOCONS" must be removed. Vote anything else but Republican or Democrats. Those have an agenda that will surprise you when it comes to conclusion.


Wednesday, August 8, 2012

California Shakes


California experiencing the usual shaking?

10 hours later

Overall Picture of Quakes in the area

Los Angeles shook by minor earthquakes, but scientists warn of looming disaster