Electricity Lessons

Electricity lessons applied to motorcycles — Recommended Order of Study

  1. Electricity lessons applied to motorcycles — Electricity and Water comparison.
  2. Electrical Power Sources on a Motorcycle — The Batteries and their AC support systems.
  3. Simple DC Electrical Circuit — Components of a basic DC circuit.
  4. Ohms Law — Relationship between Volts; Amps; Ohms.
  5. Watts Law — Relationship between Watts; Volts; Amps.
  6. Isolate an Electrical Circuit — Also called how to create a Block Diagram, for the purpose of troubleshooting. It is recommended to separate the circuit to work on from the remainder of the electrical systems on the bike.
  7. Honda CB750 Tail light circuit — An example on how to create a Block Diagram.
  8. Electrical failures — An explanation of the various possible failures of electrical circuits. Also: Troubleshoot Shorts.
  9. Troubleshooting using a Voltmeter — Electrical circuit testing. View Video.
  10. Using a Multimeter — Electrical circuit & component testing.
This is an attempt to recreate the 41 Lessons I once published, in 2011 on another site now inexistent. After teaching for 7 years at MMI in Orlando, I had laid out what I knew for others to enjoy.
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