Friday, July 12, 2013

Act Now!

This is a message for all the Armed Forces of all the countries of the World.

The Elites of the World are controlling the Governments and all the major Corporations. We are their slaves, until they get their robotic servants. They plan on eliminating 5 billion humans and gain immortality through Robotic implants for their brains. The New World Order is just that: A World where they decide everything, including who lives and who dies.

We can do nothing, and let them achieve their ultimate goal. And the 2 billions survivors will then get to be their lap dogs.
It is time for all the Armed forces of the World to turn on their Masters and do what they are supposed to do: PROTECT the people of the World and your families. The people will join you and help you.
The same way the Military of Egypt, overturned their government, the same MUST be done Worldwide.
But we cannot stop there. All Elites; CEO and Chairs of all major corporations; all government decision makers, must all be rounded up and put in the camps they planned for us.
We must return humanity to what it is: HUMANITY, a free people to whom GOD the creator of ALL THINGS, has given FREE WILL.

TIME IS RUNNING OUT. If we do nothing NOW, they will carry out their plans (very soon), and it will be too late for all of us.

If the Armed forces of the World do not do it, the people will be forced to when they come to the realization of what is happening, and it will be very bloody sadly.

If you are a TOP ranked Military man, you must engage in regaining what belongs to the people of the World.
STOP fighting each other for the desires of the "EVIL ELITES". It is time to turn on your Masters.

If you have one ounce of common sense, you owe it to your self and your children and grand children to pass this message around the World. If you are capable of translating in another language, please do so and SHARE.