Tuesday, September 25, 2012

How long until WW3 ?

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The minute an armed conflict starts with either Iran or Syria, it will be the start of WW3.
Why is it that the UN did not intervene in Syria? Why is it that regardless of the insistence of Israel to strike Iran the US is hiding from their prime minister's requests?

The answer is simple: Either one of those interventions would start WW3, and European & US leaders are not ready to throw everything away yet. The real rulers of the World are ready, as they are loosing the game.

Europe; Israel and the US would face a formidable enemy: The combination of China; Russia; and the Arab world. That would force this alliance to use nuclear weapons to defeat such a coalition.

Do not think that such a conflict would leave you untouched, and that you would be able to live your life as you always did while American soldiers are dying. God be with you and protect you the day such War starts, because none of us, anywhere on Earth would be spared.

Monday, September 3, 2012

The dumber you are, the less money you make

"The dumber you are, the less money you make" statement by Neil Boortz
 On Labor Day, Neil Boortz, criticizes car advertisements. To emphasize his view on the types of car buyers, and the types of ads the manufacturers air. "You will not find this type of ad when it comes to selling a Mercedes."

The type of ad is not what concerns me, it is the comparative between poor & dumb.

Many think the same as Neil Boortz.  The dumber you are, the less money you make.

Did it ever occur to such people, that money is not the goal of everyone?

Are they "Christians"? For as far as I know, Jesus did not favor the money makers or the money traders.  Matter of fact, there is a passage in the Bible, where Jesus actually was somewhat violent.  Recall his fit at the temple? Recall how he turned over the tables of the money changers?

So to those like Neil Boortz, I hope that you do not claim to be Christians.  Because if you do, I suggest you go back and learn about Jesus's teachings.

I can only speak for my self, as I have an answer to Mr Boortz's statement.

Never in my life did I set goals to become rich.  I do not think of myself as a dumb person.  Matter of fact, the money making people always appreciated my contribution as an employee to their endeavors.  Sometimes I was rewarded accordingly (rarely), but for the most part I was not.  However, for me, as long as I had what I needed (not what I wanted), it was OK.

I do believe that the true God loving people are a minority.

Why this statement?  There is a lot more God fearing people on this earth.  How to distinguish the two categories?
  • A God loving person, does not necessarily believe in Hell.  I personally don't, as I believe that our God is like any good father, he forgives just about all, and gives us more chances to do his will than we can imagine.  A God loving person, searches constantly for God's approval.  How would you say?  God is with us every minute of every day.  Every action or non action is characterized by a this feeling of well being or feeling hill.  And yes, this how God every second of the day, lets us know how we are doing.
  • Where as the God fearing people, believe in Hell or some sort, of punishment exacted by God.  If the Bible or any other religious book did not mention the potential of punishment, I think those would be going in the total opposite direction to Gods will.  In addition to that, they take as truth a book that was written by man & pretty much compiled by the Roman Catholic church, over 2000 years ago.  (2000 years ago, people thought the earth was flat, and the stars where just hanging in the sky, courtesy of God.)  And this book has very few, but very precise guidelines: The Ten Commandments.  Thanks to that, they can live their lives following only 10 rules.  Anything else is fair game in their eyes.
So to all out there, I dare you to prove that poor = dumb.