Thursday, January 10, 2013


I was always shaking my head, and saying that the country is nowhere near that. Everyone is too comfortable with their beer and TVs and air conditioning and taking the kids to soccer practice and their new Davenports and their new cars.  Revolution is not a good thing.  It is never a good thing.  People die in Revolutions.  Lots of good people, innocent people die.  Maybe you would die too.  And the government removed is merely replaced by one with other political hacks of the same ilk.  It attracts a certain nasty, distasteful breed.  Nothing is ever accomplished in the end.

 Which brings us up to today.

Why do I no longer trust the media?

I am guilty (like most of us) to have trusted the media blindly.

But why do I no longer trust anything coming out of the elite controlled media?

The answer is very simple.

They made too many mistakes, too many blatant lies. I was a Ron Paul supporter. Not out of an idealistic reason, no, simply because he was the only one that made sense and actually had solutions to our now obviously declining country. Neither Obama, nor Romney had any kind of planned solution. And on top of that they both had the same outlook for the future of America.

Now to the facts. The first caucus, Ron Paul Came out in second. That same day, FOX news anchors were relating the results. They praised and spoke about the first place candidate, skipped the second place, and moved on to describe the remaining contenders. I was stunned to see them do that. I was even more surprised to realize that my own family members didn't even notice that Ron Paul's picture was at second place. When I told them that Ron Paul was in second they did not believe me. I can imagine a viewer who never heard of Ron Paul, still didn't know of his existence. It was a disgusting way of presenting results of that caucus. Latter throughout the nomination process, the same type of methods were used to ignore Ron Paul's existence. They went even as far as telling reporters live to "hold the Ron Paul stuff".

At that point, I was just angry at the media, but still not that convinced of their manipulations.

The drop that painted media and government as bad guys.

The Republican convention. Everything was scripted, even the results. That did it. And, the news coming from other sources depicting the schemes they used to keep away the Ron Paul delegates.

After the primaries, I transferred my vote to Garry Johnson. Yes, I voted for Garry Johnson. There was no way I was going to vote for a corrupt party like the Republican Party. There was no way I was going to vote for socialism. I came to the US in 1083, in part because of a socialist system that I couldn't take any more.

So here I am today, a complete skeptic when it comes to politics or government. I now see conspiracies every where.

And the media, I watch sometimes and listen with the intent to read what they are trying to hide within the lies.

Anyway, they created a monster.