Saturday, November 10, 2012

GOD vs Lucifer

GOD, creator of all things, loves his creation ,gave us Free Will and Eternal life.
God's deepest desire is for us to Love him back. He does not force us to do so, he only rejoices when we do, just like a father with his son. Many believe that God intervenes when he feels necessary. It is not so, I do not believe so. They are mistaking warnings for the future as him about to punish or destroy what he created, with the simple fact that God does not abide in time or space. God IS before, now, and in the future. There is no limits to God's presence: He IS, whenever, wherever. God knows our future, therefore God may warn us about future events. The biblical threats attributed to God, are merely interpretations and threats of men who were given visions ,or spoken to, or simply felt God's warnings.
God communicates with us every second of every day. We all feel his warnings. We all feel his requests for action. Do we listen? Do we try to listen? Most of the time no. Most of the time we can state: "I knew it, I don't know why, but I knew it". And all we are left with is this sick feeling of error. Sometimes, we are about to do something and we have this same sick feeling (God's warning), And then it is up to us to chose: Do it or not? God gave us Free Will, just like a father to his son. The difference is, if a father does not prevent his son from doing something foolish, that son may die. For God, it is a different story, when you make the "ultimate error" (ultimate for us), you just cease to live in the body.
But, here is the catch for us: Do we truly believe in eternal life? If most of us did, the World would be filled with what we call "Heroes". Unfortunately, most of us do not truly believe in Eternal Life, even the so called most religious ones, have a faith limited to what they can see, touch, or hear.

God creates both ways, the perfect beings, or the ascending beings. What we call Angels are created perfect beings. They do not need to ascend they come from God. They have various roles in God's plans.
Humans or other planetary beings are created imperfect or with a possibility of ascending towards God. God wishes for all of his creation to strive to ascend towards him. Measured in time, there is no time limit. The only time limit is the physical life span of a body. The body is our vehicle, to perfect ourselves, our tool of ascendance. Needless to say, we should make the best use of it.

Now about Lucifer. This bright Morning Star, rebelled against God a long long time ago. Lucifer wanted the ascending beings under his rule to refrain from ascending to God. Instead, he wanted beings to follow his path, with the promise still of eternal life, but with the difference, that he granted mortals new bodies, as soon as the old one failed. Lucifer did not favor Free Will. Lucifer wanted adoration. He wanted faithful servants. Lucifer was your typical cunning being. With lies, he seduced the ascend-er's. With manipulation he convinced other Angels to procreate with humans. This started ever since the creation of Earth 250 million years ago. The pure Adam & Eve implanted on Earth (a few million years ago), became a cross breed of monsters, half human half angels. To this day we don't know who is an off-breed or who is of the pure stock from Adam & Eve.
Earth has had the teachings of Lucifer and his partners for over 200 million years.
God has sent multiple teachers to redirect the human behavior.
The last one: His Son. Jesus (during his physical life in Earth) was the ultimate teacher. Jesus cast Lucifer and Satan into what we could call a jail. But what of the others? The partners of Lucifer? He forgave them.
They are still here, roaming the Earth. Their pupils still transmit the teachings of Lucifer, from life to life.

Freedom from oppression is not a God given right. Freedom must be earned, following the example of Jesus. The only thing that is God given, is Free Will. The will to do God's work, following the last teacher. Will he come back? Yes he will. But will he do for us what we are set out to do? I highly doubt it. We are here during this life to do God's work. We will still strive after this life to do God's work. Eventually we will, when our spirit matures.

In the Universe, we are known as the World of the Cross. How ironic. Is Jesus angry at us? I doubt it, as Jesus was and is a perfected being, the Son of God.

In his physical life on Earth, he was Jesus. We call him the Christ. He is the ruler of our Universe, known as Christ Michael, or Michael of Nebadon. He is also, ever since he cast Lucifer and Satan, our Planetary Prince. Through him....

This is my personal belief and understanding.