Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Parents Save Your Children Now - BOYCOTT Schools

Tomorrow, another deranged Mass Killer could target your Children's School.

Pull them OUT of School to protect them until the School provides Armed Guards.

Joshua Alexander O'Connor

Do NOT leave it to chance, and act NOW.
Petition your School District, and your County.
Only return them to school when they are protected.

Your Children's survival is in your hands.

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Governments Cannot Protect the Population

I will simply bring forth the first FACTs
Civilians are always the first to die when a War breaks out.
The weakest always dies first during a War.

Governments Will Always Protect their Military Assets First during War.
Reminder: About 80 million Americans own between 300 to 700 million guns.

Who would you qualify as the 'weakest'?
  • Young children
  • Elderly
  • Women
The average Woman at age 20 usually weighs 168 pounds, and is 5 feet 3 inches tall.
The average Man at age 20 weighs 196 pounds, and is 5 feet 9 inches tall.

What are the odds of an average Woman fighting an average Man?
Hand to hand, the Man WILL WIN.
If both are armed, the odds are evened, if the weapons are firearms.

Is America at war?
The answer is yes, in the following Areas of Operation:
  • Afghanistan
  • Libya
  • Pakistan
  • Somali
  • Syria
  • Yemen
  • The so called 'War on Terror' anywhere, if necessary. Authorization was given by Congress a few years ago.
In addition, America is in a Cold War or Proxy War, in the following theaters:
  • Russia
  • China
  • North Korea
  • Iran
  • Ukraine
  • Internal conflict with Intelligence Agencies
  • Internal Civil conflict for type of governance, Left Vs. Right (Democracy/Socialism Vs. Constitutional Republic and the Bill of Rights)
  • Internal conflict 'Police Federal State' Vs. Liberty
  • External covert conflict with the New World Order or the future One World Governance
So, My fellow Americans, is this a time to disarm the Population?
Or is this the time to Arm all the weakest ones to prepare for larger conflicts?

Well, I can affirm this: The New World Oder cannot come about while the American Population is Armed. The day Americans are disarmed, all the Nations already controlled by this One World Government, will pour and invade and likely eliminate all that are against it.
Already, part of the Top Brass in our Military no longer obeys Congress, but obeys NATO.
A reminder: The destruction of Libya was orchestrated by NATO and those in our Government and Armed forces sympathizing with the NWO, without approval of Congress.

Now, in regards to preventing the killing of innocents in the 'Gun Free Zones', there is only ONE solution.

That solution has already been implemented in Government Buildings.
It is NOW time to implement the SAME to the locations Where our children spend their time:
Armed Guards in the same ratio that is provided to Government Buildings: 1 for 300

Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland Florida has around 3,000 students, plus Staff.

There should have been 10 Armed Guards on duty during school opening hours.

Demand This:
Any place that has over 200 children assembled should have One Armed Guard watching over them.

Anyone with any common sense or wise judgement, knows that it takes 11 minutes on average for Police to arrive after the time it took for someone to make the decision to call them.
How long does it take to fire 17 rounds?

How long did it take for Police to neutralize the shooter in the Pulse Night Club in Orlando?
Almost 5 long Hours. 

Any one who believes Police will save their lives, is a FOOL !

And what if there were no guns to be found anywhere?
When I was a young man, I used to practice my sword techniques daily. And daily I did 300 strikes at full speed and 'force'. 100 with both hands, 100 with right, 100 with left.
Just food for thought. Good thing I'm not and ever was, nor will I ever be a killer.

 Give your opinion now.

Monday, February 19, 2018

My Artist Friends

Those three friends of mine have it. They are Artist Musicians whom I've met and interacted personally in my life, hence my Artist Friends:

Melissa Trinidad

Jack Jaymes

Chris Scardino

Sunday, February 18, 2018

France still has One Up on the US

What is it that makes France still so Special?

To make my point I will simply relay a little story that I posted on my facebook timeline.

Yesterday, I took my Mother to her flight back to her Home: France.
She had been living with me for the past 12 years, even became a US citizen. But as she was aging, her life became difficult here. She went every year back to France for a Month to visit my brother, family and her friends.
There is one thing that France has over the US: Local neighborhood shops (Baker, Butcher, Pastry shop, Vegetable stands, etc...).
And that my friends, is what will allow my mother to age graciously. She will be able to get out of her apartment, walk 50 yards to pick-up her daily bread; walk another 50 yards to buy a steak; cross the street to grab a few pastries for desert; another 20 yards for a fresh salad; and back home with a 100 yards walk.
In the mean time she will have socialized with a few dozen people she will meet just about every day.
What I describe above, is the only thing that is missing in this great country of ours. But it is something that defines people interactions.
Yes, I did find a fault to our country, I even understand why it happened so.
Large Corporations tend to gain politicians to favor them, by providing them laws that benefit them, and crush small businesses. This is WHY, we have lost all of our small local businesses, in favor of BIG centralized Malls, or business areas.
The zoning (done by the State) defining Residential and Business areas, is negative to our health and well being, prevents us from interacting with our neighbors daily, and keeps us isolated.
I can understand Zoning for Industrial Areas, for many reasons, but not for splitting Residential and Small Businesses.

Don't get me wrong, I do not dislike Malls & shopping centers, but NOT at the expense of neighborhood Small Businesses.

I have become American to the core. I embrace it's promise of Liberty, and all the Rights and Possibilities my country of adoption provides.
I do however miss the daily interactions in the nearby, walking distance, Small Businesses and Shops. It is sad that America only favors centralized large Malls & Shopping Centers.

Any American that visits France or has visited France will tell you of the charms and quality of life the shops of Small Artisans present.
Yes, they do still somewhat exist in the US, but have become more of tourist attraction in select areas, and show us a remnant of what once was. Or sometimes they model commerce as it is done in such countries as France.

And for this lack of Quality of Life in the US, I only blame Government, and it's officials, who through Lobbying and or financial advantages have favored the powerful corporations that pretty much rule government, and have it make laws in their favor.

As I educate my self on my adoptive country, I recognize the loop holes that allow this Corruption to take place. Congress, the maker of Laws, used to be nominated by their respective States, to represent their respective States. When they strayed from their mission, they were simply recalled (or fired), and another one was sent in their stead.
There is an urgent need to return to this preferred condition, as those 'sent to represent their State' have now embraced the Corruption and favors of Corporate America, and foreign Lobbyists. And in doing so, are bypassing the needs of the American people, and hence have become POLITICIANS with all the filth associated with this denomination.
Elections are funded by Corporations and Lobbyists, and it has all become a money game.

Yes, besides the 3 branches of government meant to be, We now have 2 more branches controlling the American government: Corporations & Foreign Lobbies.
And those Two, are the most powerful branches of US government. They control the Law Makers and Intelligence Agencies.
And I will not even bother to mention the Federal Reserve, which has nothing Federal at all, but is in itself the King of our nation. That King is manipulated and controlled by the richest families in the World: Rothschild; Rockefeller; Walton; etc...

Today just about every country in the World is controlled by a Federal Reserve like Bank, affiliated to the all powerful IMF or International Monetary Fund.

Friday, February 16, 2018

Health the Old fashion way

When Defenseless Children are Killed

Florida February 14th 2018

A few facts

A Social Security office in Florida has One armed guard for about 200 people at all times. Shouldn't schools, where our children are, DESERVE the same ratio of Armed Guards?

Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School has around 3,000 students.
10 full time Armed Guards should be on duty at all times during operating hours.
This is what should be done in all schools of our country.
The USA is experiencing a heavy demographic change. The family structure is broken in more than 50% of marriages, leaving adolescents to fend for themselves. Too many teenagers lack the supervision and teachings of loving parents. And, of course their mental state is affected. They are often depressed, and without direction.
What was America 40 years ago is transformed and no one knows to what extent. Therefore preventive and protective measures should be taken.

Here is what an Army Retiree Veteran says:
"I live less than one mile from two schools. I would gladly offer my help free of charge, part time!"
I am Proud to be his friend. Lester if you read that...

There were over 2 million Military retirees in 2017.

About 80 million Americans own between 300 to 700 million guns. People who ownfirearms for self defense have a sense of independence and self reliance.

How do We keep Our Kids Safe from Mass Murders?

A Lesson on Gun Control

Monday, February 12, 2018

Syrian Theater is Heating UP

The Syrian War theater is heating up. Major players are now claiming participation. The Syrian war evolved multiple times to now include the following forces battling it out:
  • Syrian Government forces (supported by Russia and Iran)
  • YPG or the ethnic Kurd forces (now supported by US)
  • ISIS (was equipped and financed by Arab Emirates and CIA)
  • Iranian forces
  • Russian Air force
  • US Air Force
  • Israel Air Force (past few months)
  • Turkey ground troops, artillery and tanks.

An escalation to a major conflict between the actors, could spiral into the next World War.
Some like to call it a Proxy War of World Powers (which it is). By World powers it doesn't necessarily mean World Nations, but the hidden culprits forces of the Globalists.