Tuesday, July 31, 2012

US troops getting ready for another War!

--> Yes, the latest, US troops gathering in Turkey.  Assault on Syria? Bomb Syria? Kill more children?

By the way, the UN intervention on Libya was NOT about helping Syrians, but securing OIL, and punishing a government that didn't want to have debts with our infamous Banksters.

Here, I had heard this a long time ago about how Libyans didn't have to pay for electricity; medicine; education; interest on loans; etc, etc.... Watch this video and LEARN:

Libya and it's dictator!


Flavio Antonino said...

The AMF would boot the IMF, imagine?

Flavio Antonino said...

Gadafi funded the African system of communication (their own satellites) withholding $500 millions to the European nations.

Flavio Antonino said...

Gadafi was pushing for United States of Africa.

Flavio Antonino said...

Yeap, he had to go.

Flavio Antonino said...

there was no uprising in Libya, it was never seen as it was in Egypt.