Thursday, February 16, 2017

A Lame Duck: Donald Trump

45th President
On November 9th 2016, hope had returned. The country I had emigrated to and loved so much, was about to get a second chance, with the election in the position of President of a successful business man, and a non politician.  I thought to my self, maybe, just maybe he can steer our freedom born country into a revival.  I was anxious though. Were they going to allow him to be in office?  Will they start WW3 before he gets in office? Will they create chaos and trigger a Civil War before inauguration? Unlike most, I was worried, thinking that once his inauguration takes place, and he gets in office, the government would start to straighten out.
In the late 70's, early 80's, was when my love for the USA started. It was an amazingly rewarding place. Only imagination was the limit to what one could do or become. Coming from a Socialism prone country, the Liberty I enjoyed was no small feat.

How naive was I.

January 20th 2016

Inauguration day, I thought 'if they don't assassinate him, the sky is the limit'.  Again how naive was I.
The inauguration speech was everything I had expected from this non establishment man. The establishment, sitting behind, two ex-Presidents shook their heads in disbelief of the words being said, by this man that did not need the power of the state to have a successful life. He even paid for his campaign himself, unlike all the others who were bought and paid for before they entered office.
Beyond the inauguration site, riots of the Socialist, Marxist, Globalist paid crowd were ragging. Cars were burned. Widows of stores were broken. Fires were light in the middle of the street.
I thought to myself: 'it will subside with a little time'.  How naive was I.

Fast forward 25 days after inauguration

  • The full cabinet hasn't been approved yet.
  • 2 cabinet members appointees, withdraw.
  • General Flynn accused of......, resigns.
  • Obamacare scheduled for 'replacement', but not until August (per Paul Ryan)
  • 90 day travel ban of foreign nationals from listed 7 dangerous states rebuked. Organizing vetting process will have to be done while some dangerous people enter the country.
  • Canadian prime minister maintains his position regarding entry of refugees on the North American continent.
  • George Soros organised protests worldwide.
  • In UK, people bet on how long until the new President is impeached, some bet 6 months.
  • EU TV stations broadcast erroneous slander on the new American President.
  • The GOP renders light support to the new President.
  • The minority party attempts to block anything.
  • MSM broadcasts mostly the negative aspect of this new Presidency.
  • The Deep State is obviously at work for the status-quo.
  • Another word for Deep State is Shadow Government.
  • Some say Obama is back in DC.
  • All agencies are probably out to get him. CIA keeps feeding him their agenda.
  • Fixing relations with Russia now a thing of the past.
  • MSM pounds 'information' about Russia's aggression.

Not naive anymore

The shadow government is in total control of all agencies.
It's too late.
President Trump was a lame duck even before he took office.
WE no longer have a form of government designed by the founders.
WE are in an Oligarchy, and WE don't even know who RULE us.
Every single thing done to revive 'the Republic' will be thwarted, by those in the shadows, supported by the majority mob comprised of Socialists, Marxists, Globalists minded people.

WE'd better realize, that our elected President is alone in DC, against an all Globalist and Elitist government, that can't wait for our relegation to 2nd world country (on the way to 3rd world) to grab control and make the NWO and one world government the thing of the future.

Is it too late?
The road to reestablish the Constitutional Republic of the People for the People may be VERY long and hard fought.

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