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History of Korea in Dramas


? 2300 BC to 108 BC, was also called Ancient Chosun, saw it's demise and was absorbed through conquest by the Han dynasty of China.

Then began the Era of the Han dynasty commanderies.

The 4 commanderies of Ancient Chosun lasted until a Buyeo prince rebelled against the Han, to liberate the Chosun people from slavery, and revive the old civilization.

From southern Manchuria, rose the Kingdom of Goguryeo.

Goguryeo (37 BC - 668 AD)

Goguryo emerged from the rivalry of princes of Buyeo: Jumong adopted by the King of Buyeo, rebelled against the Han, while his half brother Deseo kept his alliance with the Han in order to secure his future throne as King of Buyeo.
The dramatized series (81 episodes) Jumong depicts the rise of Goguryo, and the first steps of the southern Kingdom of Baekje.
Jumong's Goguryeo began in 37 BC.

The second King's struggles, Yury, the son of Jumong and a princess of Buyeo, is depicted in the 36 episode series: The Kingdom of the Wind.
The Kingdom of the Wind however is about the life of the son of King Yury: Muhyul (legends gallore).  Historically, Muhyul expanded or doubled the territories of Goguryeo.

Although he never became King, the son of Muhyul, prince Hodong who was also born of a Buyeo princess, is depicted in the legend like series Ja Myung Go (40 episodes).

Korean peninsula through history.

  • 108 BC end of Gojoseon
  • 18 BC to 936 AD: Baekje
  • 37 BC to 918 AD: Goguryo
  • 57 BC to 938 AD: Silla
  • 42 AD to 562: Gaya
  • 698 AD to 926: Balhae
  • 918 to 1392: Goryo
  • 1392 to 1897: Joseon
  • 1897 to 1910: Korean Empire
  • 1910 to 1945: Japanese Rule
  • 1945 end of WWII defeat of Japan, USSR in the North, USA in the South.
  • 1948, post WWII, separation of North and South.

Korean Dramas chronological

 Song Ji-hyo Shin Se Kyung  Chae Si Ra

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