Monday, October 2, 2017

Las Vegas Massacre

Mandalay Bay Casino shooting:
  • 64 year old white male Stephen Paddock killed himself.
  • Stephen Paddock, had open fire with a Fully Automatic Rifle.
  • He, so far killed 50+ people, and wounded at least 200 (numbers growing)
  • The people targeted were listening to a Country Music concert.
  • His wife Marilou Danley sought for interrogation.
  • Where did the shooter get his fully auto weapon (illegal in US, and only obtainable on the black market). Or was he capable of modifying a normally sold rifle?
  • He obviously, due to the type of rifle, prepared well. It was a well planned attack.
  • The rifle in question was capable of shooting over 50 rounds before reload.
  • Was he truly the only gunman?
Some conflicting reports:
  • The woman was being questioned.
  • Their house raided by police.
  • The woman is now out of the country.
It stinks of a False Flag and a Patsy.

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