Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Sell Your Cloak And Buy A Sword: How To Support The Second Amendment

After seing SOTU. After getting a glimpse of the response of the Democrats:

Make NO Mistake, ‘They’ Will Come for the Guns

"A house divided cannot stand"
I believe President Trump will be fighting all he can against blatant enemies of the State. The progress made so far will be for nothing as they'll stop any future strives to Make America Great Again.
The opposition is too strong now that they control the House.

He said Socialism cannot be in America.
I beg to differ. Socialism will eventually prevail in America. The future young voters have been brainwashed and will do away with Liberty.

The next election will be a total fraud, and Totalitarianism will creep in.

The Republic is on its Death Bed.

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