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Globalists Vs. Sovereign Nations

Advocates of the New World Order have been numerous ever since the 20th Century. American Presidents in particular have been quite vocal and encouraging for the creation of a New World Order. And, Americans in general and evermore since the last Global conflict (WWII) saw it as means to prevent the occurrence of another. Little did our parents understand of this push of so called World Peace. They were fooled into the Global control of The United Nations, and the brute force of NATO and saw all further smaller conflicts as controls to prevent a Larger one.

Later, we the 'Baby Boomers' of the Western nations, encouraged by our parents, literally just enjoyed the party that our parents had prepared for us. We payed very little attention to the World's pains inflicted by those in Power. We trusted them completely, they managed to keep us safe and happy. We had probably the best lives any other generations could ever dream of. Anything was possible. Wealth, property, pursuit of happiness, or so we thought.

Rapidly, the UN with the advocacy of UNESCO, made plans for this New Global governance with Agenda 21, and later it's confirmation with the firm approval of the Agenda for a timeline of 2030: Agenda 2030.

In the mean time, our children were being brainwashed in government schools that promoted this Global movement of a One World Government. What they do not know, and were never instructed about is the fact that with this World Government, will come World Nations Equality. Every nation on Earth will be equal to any other. Wealth will be redistributed from the Rich Western Nations to the Poor disparaged ones of Africa, South America, and Asia. No longer will the West live the lives they created for themselves, but instead will share all with those in need by force of the Law of the World Government. Taxation will no longer be for the social benefit of each country, but for the benefit of all that breathe on Earth. Now that the Advanced nations's engineers have nearly perfected robotics, the people of the World will then be able to vegetate with a Universal Basic Income, and supplied residence. The children of our children will be only trained according to their innate abilities, to perform the tasks the people of the World need, at equal pay, Just as they did in Communist China.
Will 2030 be the year of Global Laws?

In 2016, 50% of Americans woke up, and elected a Business Man for President. His promises are a return to Sovereignty, with an 'America 1st' slogan. The big question is:
Will the Globalists let him do so?
The agents of Globalism in our Deep State, are fighting tooth and nail.
The Shadow Government, and the Military Industrial Complex, have other projects.
Will they trigger WW3 or will they simply assassinate the Leader of this Sovereign Nation?
WW3 can provide the mutual destruction of two countries impeding World governance.
Assassination, can trigger a most bloody Civil War, never seen before.
In either case the US will be rubble, and Global governance can then take place, after Russia is forced to submit, nothing NATO can't handle (wright?).

The opinions are divided, about the constant trend for the USA to wage War around the World. What are the reasons for War tendencies of the Pentagon? This is a very big question, and many theorize as what is the reason:
  • To fight 'Terrorism'. (Most 'terrorist' factions are created and then armed by the CIA, or other countries sympathetic to CIA actions)
  • To promote 'Democracy'. (Even thought the US is not a Democracy, but a Constitutional Republic)
  • To defend and maintain the status of the Petro-Dollar. On June 5th 1933 under F.D.Roosevelt, the US went Off the Gold standard, as the the US$ was the agreed upon international exchange currency. Oil was bought and sold in US$, and the threat to dethrone it became of outmost importance for the US of A, thus the necessity to subdue any nation tempted to do just that.
  • To implant Central Banks in every country in the World (since the Bretton Woods agreement of 1944, and the creation of the IMF). The Rothschild family is the major leader in this endeavor and has been profiting along with other Elite families of the World, ever since.
  • Globalist infiltration in the US Government allows total control of it's Military might, as long as the Globalists retain control. What do the Globalists want?: World domination.
  • To fulfill Albert Pike's Plan of the 3 World Wars in order to bring about One World Government.
  • For Population Reduction. Two main reasons: save the Planet; less trouble to control less people. (Curiously, the Georgia Guide Stones recommend a World population of 500 millions)
  • To bring about the Apocalypse, as described in Revelations of the Bible.
January 29th Update

If you have any other suggestion as to why, please do not hesitate to comment below.

God Forbids Globalism

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