Tuesday, November 22, 2016

The Earth is Flat

I never questioned what I was taught in school, nor what I was shown on TV, until a few years ago.
I inadvertently caught blatant lies from Main Stream Media. I started to question everything we were told. And even things (why not) we were taught.

What started with politics & manipulations, became teachings and even what they call science. Just learned recently, it had a recognized terminology: Scientism (see definition)

Scientism is a belief in the universal applicability of the scientific method and approach, and the view that empirical science constitutes the most authoritative worldview or the most valuable part of human learning—to the exclusion of other viewpoints.

I was in my early teens, when "the first man on the Moon".  I was captivated by all that had to do with space. I collected news papers about the race for space.  Until a few years ago, I still had that passion for all that had to do with space.  And then it all fell apart....
I was even depressed by it. All that I was passionate about was nothing but a big lie.

I then recalled in my memory, my years of flight.  In none of those fights as a pilot, I ever questioned, nor paid attention to any earth curvature.  I actually recalled never seen any.  Not only was I a licensed private pilot, but also an aircraft mechanic.  During my training for the IFR rating, I relied extensively on my instruments and more specifically my artificial horizon.  The artificial horizon is a gyroscope, it stays in place at all times.  When I saw an argument about gyroscopes not working for the flight path on a globe, that's when I started looking at all the other arguments.

I am not a mathematician, but I listened to people who were, and then, I came to this conclusion:

The Earth is Flat.
We have been lied to.
And they are still lying to us every day.

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