Friday, April 7, 2017

Libya 2.0 and WW3 ?

_ Russia: Attack on Syria violates international law.
_ We the people; It also violates US law! We were not attacked and or Congress did not approve this. McCain, Graham, Hillary, Rubio are having a party today.
_ FA: Unless President Trump, is playing a hidden card to eradicate ISIS and the likes (I suspect he is). I cannot support a Libya 2.0

A Libya 2.0 would turn into WW3. #WW3 would start in Syria.

However, seeing Russia increasing it's presence, & US (possibly) deploying in Syria, could if it was a hidden card, turn into ISIS & the likes quick eradication (a few days at most). Could it be a trap agreed with Russia & Syria?

I feel so confused, so betrayed, so hopeless right now. The neo-cons and the Globalists are jumping of joy.
If this is a strategy to sucker punch the enemy, it's a master piece.

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