Friday, April 14, 2017

McMaster the new Westmoreland (another costly folly)

If any or, all of the below is true, WE THE PEOPLE are looking at a scenario which has been used to drag this nation and its young adults into costly, military conflicts which resemble Viet Nam, Iraq, etc. over and over through the decades.

 [As Lake explains, McMaster himself has found resistance to a more robust ground troop presence in Syria. In two meetings since the end of February of Trump's national security cabinet, known as the principals' committee, Trump's top advisers have failed to reach consensus on the Islamic State strategy. The White House and administration officials say Secretary of Defense James Mattis, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Joseph Dunford and General Joseph Votel, who is in charge of U.S. Central Command, oppose sending more conventional forces into Syria.
An interesting aside: according to a Lake source, Stephen Bannon had "derided" McMaster to his colleagues as trying to start a new Iraq War. Bannon's opposition to yet another US conflict - one which would have the clear goal of replacing the Assad regime - may explain why the former Breitbart head is on his way out.
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So where in the process is the McMaster "ground war" plan currently? Lake reports that it is still in its early stages.
Because Trump's national security cabinet has not reached consensus, the Islamic State war plan is now being debated at the policy coordinating committee, the interagency group hosted at the State Department of subject matter experts that prepares issues for the principals' committee and deputies' committee, after which a question reaches the president's desk for a decision.
Of course, following the recent cleansing of the NSC as per McMaster himself, which kicked out such skeptics as Bannon, whatever the new national security advisor wants, is what he will get.
And what he wants, based on the preliminary information, is a land war.
Inside the Pentagon, military leaders favor a more robust version of Obama's strategy against the Islamic State. This has been a combination of airstrikes and special operations forces that train and support local forces... McMaster however is skeptical of this approach. To start, it relies primarily on Syrian Kurdish militias to conquer and hold Arab-majority territory. Jack Keane, a retired four-star Army general who is close to McMaster, acknowledged to me this week that the Kurdish forces have been willing to fight the Islamic State, whereas Arab militias have primarily fought against the Assad regime.
Keane told Lake he favored a plan to begin a military operation along the Euphrates River Valley. "A better option is to start the operation in the southeast along the Euphrates River Valley, establish a U.S. base of operations, work with our Sunni Arab coalition partners, who have made repeated offers to help us against the regime and also ISIS. We have turned those down during the Obama administration."
That particular plan would require an initial force of 10,000 troops:
Keane added that U.S. conventional forces would be the anchor of that initial push, which he said would most likely require around 10,000 U.S. conventional forces, with an expectation that Arab allies in the region would provide more troops to the U.S.-led effort.
With time, however, the number will grow dramatically.]

"A More Efficient Gov't" doesn't allow ventures of folly, especially those which have been historically committed over and over by the leadership of this Republic. Many 'ordinary Americans' are wise to the follies of the elites who have steered our "Ship Of State." The jury is still out on your 1st 100 days Sir. You have potential in this writer's mind but for my colleagues, I cannot account. The people of this nation elected you because WE are genuinely tired of the degradation of the principles and original intent of A Constitutional Republic which assures the rights to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness for all of its citizens NOT JUST THE UBER-RICH!

McMaster will be your Westmoreland, or worse, the mind behind our last costly folly.

The Sons of Liberty National Council

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