Wednesday, August 26, 2020

The Civil War has Started

In Kenosha Wisconsin, a teenager with an armed group set to protect businesses, shot and killed One arsonist.

As he went to warn the Police about his action, he was chased by a Mob. Again he fired killing One and wounding a few others. A horrible wound for the rioter who pointed his pistol at the teenager that had fallen down. From the ground he fired at the arm with the pistol ripping the muscles.

The armed group encouraged by Law Enforcement, was in support LEO's and had come to some sort of tactical agreement.

Why would this night of August 25th be the start of the 2nd American Civil War?

More than likely some will come prepared for vengeance. Groups like Antifa; BLM; NFAC; and others may very likely retaliate, and in doing so escalate violence from both sides.

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