Monday, June 26, 2017

The Next American Civil War

Is it even possible?

The American Revolution and The Civil War of our history, came about for a whole lot less than the abuses and events taking place today.  Now granted, the Americans of then and the Americans of now are a complete change when it comes to principles and testosterone. 
We as a people have become so complacent in what our ancestors would have called tyranny and so comfortable in our hypocrisy of living standards.  Americans for the most part have moved from: a daring people to a subservient type individuals (granted, there are exceptions); caring communities who share the same types of lives and ideologies, to selfish individuals amidst communities that are anything but united by their ways.
Today's America is a jumble of mixed even opposed ideologies, and cultures.
Most of the past decades of immigrants, did not leave their home lands because they were fed-up by their countries of origin's political spectrum, ideology, or culture.  But instead, for the gain and the easy life the USA had to offer. Too many of the so-called US citizens, seek nothing else but to install their countries of origin's culture and ideology.  And using the propagandized 'Democracy', becoming a majority, they feel it should be done so, just because it is their wish.
The new 'Americans' have NO concept of what Liberty is.  They have no idea, that the USA was created as a Constitutional Republic, with a Federal government whose purpose was to Secure our unalienable Rights.

Our last election, was a depiction of the nature of our country: DIVIDED
Yes, it seems divided in two parts according to the results of the two party system. This is however far from the truth. Our country is divided in multiple parts, multiple factions:
The Left Vs. the Right or Democrats Vs. Republicans (my estimate: 50-50).
The Left:
  • The Socialists or Globalists: want total protection from government and reject Sovereignty.
  • The Communists / Marxists or extreme Left: want total control by government.
  • The foreign cultures (too many to list).  They want their country of adoption to become their country of origin.
  • Those who want to change the Constitutional Republic to a full fledged Democracy, where the majority Rules, and the laws and Rights can be changed according to the majority demography.
The Right:
  • The original 'Constitutionalists'. Those were listed by DHS as potential terrorists by the previous administration. They want to bring back small and limited government, as depicted in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.
  • The Libertarians. A political group rising from the abuse and power of the Federal government.  They too, want small government.
  • The Conservatives, or one could call them the Reagan era Americans.
  • The Neo-conservatives. A Conservative group that almost advocates the Empire of the USA, by force if necessary. The two prominent representative figures: John McCain and Lindsey Graham.
And then lets not forget the fringe ideologies like Anarchists. Yes, they too are omnipresent, and wish for nothing less than NO government.

Recently, there has been much aggression, confrontations, even killing of opposing faction individuals. There has been a call to bloody the streets by Loretta Lynch (in a direct fashion), by others in a more suggestive manner.

A confrontation of two groups ending in mass deaths, during a protest is likely to occur, if temperaments are not calmed down.

And then my friends all bets are off.  It would trigger a cataclysm.  Within the same households, people would start fighting each other.  Neighbors would confront neighbors.  Unlike the previous Civil War, there would be NO battle lines.  Nothing would truly be defined, until hundreds of millions die from a rapid escalation of hostilities in a country were so many firearms are at hand.

"the brother shall betray the brother to death, and the father the son; and children shall rise up against their parents, and shall cause them to be put to death." _ Mark 13:12

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