Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Platforms for our Voices

Do you recall when YouTube was an independent company?
It was purchased by Google, that we all know.
The Globalists are controlling all of the narratives.

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Was that a facebook glitch that I observed?
Or was it censorship?
I was trying to post my new BitChute Channel on my facebook page. But facebook wouldn’t let me.

The giant companies: Google, facebook, Twitter, all controlled by the Globalists, have harnessed such a Monopoly on information. They are trying to silence us in different ways.
I’ve heard of many channels on YouTube getting censored, shutdown.
Because certain people were posting things that were not to their liking.

Whatever happened to AntiTrust Laws?
Why did they not, ever, apply them?
The purchase of YouTube by Google the giant shouldn’t have been.
In the same way, when we the rise of this company called Amazon, that is buying up everything it can, even News Papers now. AntiTrust Laws should have stopped that long ago. But, no, the Globalists let it happen.
Is there anyway to stop them? I personally don’t think so.
Anyway, as you can see, there is a way around their ‘glitches’. But, it’s still annoying. And in many cases, I’d probably would have given up.
It’s time to get away from the giants. It’s time to give a chance to the smaller companies, other medias, other methods of distribution. We cannot give it all to the big giant companies, and their Monopolies.

Diversify, lets let our voices heard, no matter what.

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