Monday, February 12, 2018

Syrian Theater is Heating UP

The Syrian War theater is heating up. Major players are now claiming participation. The Syrian war evolved multiple times to now include the following forces battling it out:
  • Syrian Government forces (supported by Russia and Iran)
  • YPG or the ethnic Kurd forces (now supported by US)
  • ISIS (was equipped and financed by Arab Emirates and CIA)
  • Iranian forces
  • Russian Air force
  • US Air Force
  • Israel Air Force (past few months)
  • Turkey ground troops, artillery and tanks.

An escalation to a major conflict between the actors, could spiral into the next World War.
Some like to call it a Proxy War of World Powers (which it is). By World powers it doesn't necessarily mean World Nations, but the hidden culprits forces of the Globalists.

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  1. UPDATED: More than 200 Russians may have been killed in Coalition strikes against ‘pro-regime’ forces in Syria