Sunday, June 24, 2018

World Cup Knockout Round

Group ARussia & Uruguay have secured the next round.
Group B: It is still too early to call as we know in this game anything can happen. But Spain and Portugal should make it to the next round.
Group C: Unless Australia becomes a World contender overnight, Denmark should be the runner-up. France has already secured their spot.
Group DCroatia is safe to move on.
Group E: Brazil, Switzerland, Serbia?
Group F: Only Mexico has secured their spot. Either Germany or Sweden can become runner-up.
Group GEngland & Belgium are advancing to the next round.
Group H: If this game was anything logical, Japan should beat Poland, & Senegal should beat Columbia. 
As of June 24th, only 7 teams (in Green) are sure to enter the Knockout round.
Let's Gamble:

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