Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Broken Immigration to be Fixed

In 2017 it was Loretta Lynch calling for blood in the streets, today Maxine Waters calls for harassment of political foes.
Mobs of Liberals will harass those with opposite views: Nationalists; Conservatives; Republicans; etc...
Eventually a dreadful event will take place and retaliation may occur, causing escalation into a Civil War.
Careful what you wish for.  Real Americans may get angry.
Wanting NO borders and NO Nations may be what you want, but some will defend their way of life, their Nation, their families and homes. Not all will accept this utopian no border no nation philosophy. Life, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness will not be given up to the hive society of Socialism, Communism, and Marxism.

Globalism is a disease, that must be stopped at all cost.
Global Governance will only give us oppression, slavery, and Tyranny.
Papa Bush's New World Order, was not meant to benefit America, but the the Global Cabal thirsty for power. We will not allow the few Elite families of the World to rule us.

What is Liberty? Why is it such a young concept? America is the only country in the World that was able to suppress successfully Monarchy. All other countries in the World are still under either a semblance of monarchy or Oligarchy.

If diversity is what you want, what better thing than diverse Nations, with their heritage and traditions. If borders disappear, all nations will cease to exist, all traditions and heritages will be diluted into the pool of nothingness.

We can still be Sovereign Nations, and live and benefit each other's well being. Commerce and trade is of the essence, for a desired wealth and benefit acquisition.

What was and still is Broken?

The American immigration system has long been disrupted (by the Globalists, on purpose) and no longer works. It must be revised and improved.

In the early 1900's, an immigrant would get off the boat in Ellis Island. There they were checked for diseases and had to prove their self sufficiency in their new country of adoption, in order to be allowed to the main land. Often, they were required to have a sponsor. Within 2 months they were either sent back or given access.

In the early 1980's, I myself became an immigrant to the US, from France. I already had family here since the 60's. I was however required to have a sponsor. I had two sponsors: an employer, and my aunt. The process would have granted Residency within a year. It just happened that I got married, and got my 'Green Card' 6 months after my entry.

Step forward to 2001. I petitioned to bring my still employable mother. The documents I filled required me to be her support. In 2004, Immigration still had not completed her case. It took letters to members of Congress from my state to get things to move forward. And they did, within 2 weeks of my letters, she was granted an interview at the US Consulate in Paris. Got her 'Green Card' within a month, and was able to reside and eventually become a US citizen.
If this is NOT proof of a broken Immigration system, I don't know what is.


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