Friday, June 29, 2018

How can people believe this?

Last night, I was sitting outside on the patio in the back of the house.
I often do this, ever since I am no longer part of the busy life style of the young and productive people. I spend a lot of time starring at the sky, enjoying sunrises and sunsets.

Moon rises can be something else, when they occur long after the sun has set. Last night, I thought a large fire had started miles away from my view point. This orange glow was growing in the distance, I could even start to see a hot spot of mixed yellow and red. At this point, I went and fetched my camera to film this growing wild fire.

To my surprise, it was not a fire, but the Moon rising!
In the darkness of night, it looked like a fire had started far away.

Then again, I often tell my self my observation regarding the Moon, how is it that the Moon doesn't change shape cyclicly with the rise and setting of the Sun, through the day?  Since it is said that the shadow of the Earth is what causes 'mostly' the Moon phases, it should change shape by the hour if not by the minute. It should go from a thin crescent to a full Moon daily.
Think about it, folks. Since supposedly the Moonlight is a reflexion of the Sunlight?

One day most of you, as you get older, will take the time to look and observe all those wonders of our World, and just like me, you will come to question the things 'they' say.

Want to see the short shaky video?

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