Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Military Industrial Complex and Intelligence Community

In 1961 then President Eisenhower warned about the Military Industrial Complex in his farewell address. (MIC)

A few months later, newly elected President Kennedy elaborates to include "Secret Societies" and "Secret Wars". That speech likely caused his assassination by the Intelligence Community. (not by the Patsy named Oswald).

Today, President Trump courageously confronts Intelligence Agencies and the CIA controlled Main Stream Media (MSM). The Military Industrial Complex is all about perpetual war, and controlled chaos, and the threat of a Great Enemy must be maintained, to justify proxy wars and government overthrows. And Russia is the painted target. Not Communist USSR, but non-communist Russia. When in reality, the real enemy of both Russia and the United States is the Globalist Agenda, the same Agenda to negate all nations and bring forth a New World Order or Global Governance. And the model for this NWO is China. China if any is the more likely opponent to the US and Russia. China, with it's thousands of years of dynastic civilizations, has now shown how a people can be controlled for over 4000 years.

If anyone still doubts the Propaganda spewed by the MSM, they should understand that Propaganda has been made legal in 1948 by the Smith-Mundt Act, and even today improved with the NDAA (first version adopted by G. Bush's Congress after 2001).

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