Sunday, July 1, 2018

Civil War Imminent

The Globalist Cabal is playing its last card: Chaos and destruction of the USA.
US Politicians aligned with the Globalist Agenda, are working over time to trigger a Civil War.
“A house divided against itself cannot stand." Abraham Lincoln
Under the pretext of family separations, politicians have encouraged protests across the country.  Yet, those same politicians are unwilling to legislate our Broken Immigration system.  And furthermore unwilling to protect through legislation those already (even though illegally) established in the USA, some for decades, and to protect the Southern Border from further permeability.

This weekend saw a variety of protests and counter protests.
Some, if sustained, will cause riots and possibly confrontations leading to a Civil War. And that is what the Globalist sympathizers are looking for, for their view of the World is one without borders nor sovereign nations. A World controlled by a megalomaniac Cabal.

After the call to harass those in line with the current administration, things could go from bad to worse. The current administration was duly elected and sought for by Americans who wish to reclaim their nation and bring it back to it's former status.

Nationalism is direct conflict with Globalism. Within government a silent war is taking place. The newly elected POTUS and his cabinet and sympathizers are fighting the Deep State that only answers to the Shadow government. Some in Congress are painfully only learning of it now (those not bought and paid for by the Cabal).

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