Thursday, August 24, 2017

Deep State & Shadow Government

It goes beyond what WE can imagine.
We need to provide cover for the whistle blowers of the rogue agencies, mostly: NSA; CIA.
Kevin Shipp CIA whistle blower is telling all he can about the Deep State and the Shadow government, the belly of the beast, the secrecy behind our elected government.
The CIA engages in un-Constitutional and illegal activities. They violate international law and engage in serious human rights violations. As Americans WE didn't vote for any of those things.
We need a Social Civil Revolution against this Tyrannical system that has stepped outside of our Constitution. It needs to be reformed, maybe even dismantled.

Deep State and Shadow government are two different entities in a trillion dollar matrix that is controlling the government outside the Constitution, behind Washington D.C. WE have or had a Constitutional government. The Constitution is the LAW of the United States, it is the supreme law of the Land and it supersedes the entire laws of the criminal justice system. If the government or a person violates the Constitution, they have committed a felony.
WE are now serving under a post-Constitutional government staffed by Congressmen who are now Statesmen.

Shadow Government: The Unconstitutional Power of Government Secrecy. Secret government that controls the Deep State.
Deep State: System behind the elected government, a matrix system that has functioned through the various administrations going back to JFK.

Those two entities manipulate our government behind the scenes. Deep State is run by money, power and greed. The Shadow Government's fuel is fear and intimidation.

The Director of National Intelligence runs 17 intelligence agencies: DHS; DOS; DIA; NCTC; NRO; NGA (works with Google); JSOC; FBI; NSA; CIA (Council of Foreign Relations instrumental in the creation of CIA); etc...

Council of Foreign Relations is tightly connected to most Main Stream Media outlets.
CFR's goal is One World Economic Government.

Silicon Valley now works very closely with the NSA.
Recently, Jeff Bezos owner of Amazon purchased the Washington Post, and entered a 6 million dollar contract with the CIA.

Behind the Deep State, the Military Industrial Complex enjoys Congressional support, Intelligence Contractors, Defense Contractors, Wall Street (offshore accounts), MIC Lobbyists spend $4.8 million a year to influence Congress....
Foreign Lobbyists, Saudi Arabia and Israel (very influential on our government) may as well have a slot on Capitol Hill.  The Federal Reserve (secret banking) just gave out a couple of trillion dollars to some unknown corp. of the MIC. Federal Reserve operates under the IMF .
Wall Street attorneys helped in the creation of the CIA. Wall Street is very connected to the MIC since 1947.
Money is the fuel of this system, and to keep the system going, they have to keep us in a state of perpetual war.

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  1. Thank you for your information..Had no idea the Constution was being suppervinented so badly..