Thursday, August 3, 2017

POTUS surrenders to Deep State.

The US was meant to have 3 branches of government.
But WE now discover that all 3 branches have surrendered to the Deep State.
Signing a Bill that furthers sanctions on Russia based on, a supposed and NOT proven Russian interference in US elections is a parody of Oligarchy for the World to see.

Was the Russian interference in our elections proven?
NO, it was not by any means.

POTUS should have refused to sign the Russia sanctions Bill, and should have made it a HUGE disagreement, in order to first wake-up the American public, and then lift public opinion, to counter Congress's illegitimate actions. Noticed I said public instead of people. Meaning the American people have become so complacent, that they are merely watching events unfold, without opposing any actions of the Deep State and it's Ally Congress.

US, Russia relations are worse under Putin, than they were during USSR, under Stalin.
Does this make any sense?

It doesn't unless your goal is to make the two most militarily and nuclear capable nations on Earth destroy each other. To the NWO, the idea that those two nations could be friendly is too difficult of an obstacle when bringing about a one World government.
When you have two strong and violent beasts, making them look at each other and causing them to fight each other, is the best way to weaken them or even kill them or kill one.

The only interference in the election that was proven, was done by the Democrats to oust Bernie Sanders. It is however NOT a crime, as a party is a simple Private Club.
One could say the Republicans did the same to oust Ron Paul, they even manipulated the Main Stream Media.

America, I don't know if WE'll ever get away from corruption and the control of the Deep State.
Yes, when we have a one world government, and a complete dictatorship over human kind.

An Extremist Ex-Navy SEAL Just Promised A “Gruesome Massacre” If Trump Is Removed From Office

Craig Sawyer: "It worked‼️ The illegal silent coup plan has been widely reported now & its secrecy effectively compromised."

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