Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Disaster Relief, what a great gov we have!

  • IRS will be waiving Federal taxes 2017 for families affected by disasters ! Texas + Florida !
  • Florida will reimburse all Sales taxes to residents affected by Irma, for the next 6 months.
  • Texas will reimburse all Sales taxes to residents affected by Harvey for the next 8 months.
Wouldn't that be a fitting response for relief by our State & Federal governments?
Let's not dream. They are NOT that benevolent.

Notes: September 26th 2017
Above, was my sarcasm regarding government helping people. With a little time, one can observe that the only thing Governments (Federal and State) Are willing to do, is to differ tax payments for a little while.
That is what 'THEY' call Relief!

By no means do they intend to absolve taxes for the residents of disaster areas. And yes, disaster is what it should be called.

No, Governments will still take your taxes, knowing the hardships families across a few states, will endure, regardless.

In some ares of Texas, residents still call it: "a war zone". Yet, the Federal Government has NO intention of halting tax payments from their pay checks. No, those taxes are still withheld, and for those who didn't pay enough, they will have to pay more. IRS did do a small favor to residents of disaster areas, a delay in filling their taxes.

"Congressional Republicans may send Hurricane Harvey aid in multiple installments rather than one large lump sum as Congress did in response to Hurricane Sandy. And it could take months for Congress to deliver, according to Republican lawmakers."

In Florida, a normal deductible is $6,000 from an insurance claim after the damages done by Irma.
And in Florida, residents are still paying their taxes to the Federal Government on every paycheck they earn.
  • For an average family, such a deductible is a heavy burden that will affect their lives for quite a while.
  • For a retired, fixed income, or near retirement disabled person, it is a very hard choice to make. Spend $6,000 ? Or fix the home to a minimum?
Considering the lack of funds most residents will have in the near future, one can only imagine the minimal spending that will affect the local economies.

Yes, the construction companies and contractors will see huge increase in their income for a short while.

Another interesting note is that garbage collection companies have taken some time off in the aftermath of Irma. That to me is nonsense. Debris will seem to clutter side walks for a while.
If government was truly here to help:
Shouldn't they send military trucks and personnel to clear all that mess?
Wouldn't that small action spell some relief?

Puerto Rico after Maria. Note: Most Puerto Ricans do not pay Federal Income Tax. Let's see the help the Island gets.

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