Thursday, September 21, 2017

Should WW3 occur

WW3 is inevitable, the US Shadow Government and China are making sure of it.
WW3 would be the last and final War the World would experience.
In it's aftermath, the people of the World will say with one voice: NO MORE !
A Peace Maker will be the most ever sought of person.
The World and what will be left of it, will negate the principle of separate Nations.
A One World Government will be most welcomed.

Unless DARPA unleashes 'Super Soldier AI robots' by the hundreds of thousands,
unless the US unveils and uses it's Antimatter weapons (as were used in the twin towers, dusting),
unless they are used early enough in the War,
with a little luck US might prevail.

Am I rooting for my country?
No, as I believe ALL will loose. There will be no clear winner as in WWII.
Should this War remain a conventional one, (I doubt it) it will drag on for decades.

Should it come to nuclear warheads exchange (most likely scenario). It will be of Biblical proportions. Either way:
Matthew 24:22 And except those days should be shortened, there should no flesh be saved: but for the elect's sake those days shall be shortened. 
Countries by estimated total nuclear warhead stockpile.
It is said that a little over 500 warheads can take America back to horse and buggy times.
It is said that under 2500 warheads can obliterate the USA.

Currently, there are 5 possible triggers to WW3:
  1. North Korea
  2. Syria
  3. The Eastern front (Ukraine, etc...)
  4. China Sea dominance
  5. Iran
In either cases, 4 of the 5 listed, are not stand alone.
  • North Korea is not the instigator of it's actions, China is. China is waiting to trap the forces assembled in North Korea, to deliver a fatal blow to the actors. China is not the only nation who will enter this Area of Operation. Russia, bound by a treaty, and as, now, an enemy of the USA, will back China.
  • Syria, is now facing the end of it's fight against ISIS, and is about to become a spoil of War. US, Russia, Turkey, the Kurds, Israel, Iran, have all claims to those spoils of War.
  • The Eastern front (as it was in WWII), is a spark that has failed to ignite so far, but has very good potential. Russia, US, the ideologically divided nations of Europe, are the main actors in this area. A reminder, Russia and China are allies by treaty, for better or worse.
  • Iran will eventually, become an other North Korea, Israel will make sure of it. Iran is supported by Russia, and more than likely have had nuclear war heads delivered, some say North Korea, supplied the missiles. (I don't believe it one bit. Russia outright supplied them.)

The larger question, even though not necessary regarding the outcome, who of the nations of the World, will side with whom, on what continent?

In the US WE are divided internally. Americans Vs. Liberal Globalists.
The US has been infiltrated by many foes: Muslims, Chinese, ill intended South Americans, some say even Russians.

Can the World survive this War?
Can 3/4 of the World population survive the first round of devastation?
According to the Bible, YES. As this will only be the beginning of sorrows.
And then, the Son of Perdition will be revealed to bring about Peace and a One World Governance.

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