Tuesday, September 26, 2017

The Deep State or 'officials'

The Deep State is MUCH stronger than we can imagine, and is here to stay. Unless ????

Official, definition: a person holding public office or having official duties, especially as a representative of an organization or government department - relating to an authority or public body and its duties, actions, and responsibilities.

Compared to the French 'fonctionnaire', it has gained in it's similarity over time.
A public servant is a person employed in a public service and performing a permanent duty therein. In France, civil servants are most often recruited by means of competitive examinations and then appointed to a grade in the administrative hierarchy of the State.

An 'official' or Public Civil employee of the Government, typically has above the norm advantages over the citizens of the US, who work in the Private sector.
Note the differentiation that has become obvious over the years. A government employee has advantages and benefits that most in the Private sector could only dream to have.

For example when an adjustment in cost of living is sought, it compares as such:
  • Private Sector: 3% increase
  • Official: 5% or more.

Government Employees Outnumber Manufacturing Employees 1.8 to 1

  • Government employees: 21,995,000 (almost 22 millions or more than the population of the state of Florida)
  • Manufacturing employees (private sector) in the US: 12,329,000.
The above number does show the burden of all those salaries on the American people, for services often rendered very poorly. 22 millions in Federal state and local government, is not something we should applaud, as the salaries of those people outmatch their equivalent in the Private sector.
  • US civilian Labor Force (those available and capable to work): 160,571,000 (Aug 2017)
  • US civilians employed: 153,439,00
  • US population: 325,980,000
Federal employees (the Deep State), compared to all Military branches:
  • 2.8 Million civilians, including the 600,000 Postal Service employees.
  • Compare to the 1.3 million Military active duty?
Firing Federal Employees isn't easy, and firing 2.7 Million of the Deep State collaborators is impossible.
Those 2.7 Million people out of a job is unimaginable, as they would have a very hard time in the private sector. 
Federal employees have to be subservient to their bosses, to maintain their preferred way of life. They are very unlikely to follow their conscience when it comes to organized corruption.
And organized corruption is what it is. We could go as far as calling it organized crime.
The favors, the benefits from favors done, are all a trait of the daily lives of Federal employees.
There is us, and there is them.

Then, going further, to show them vs. us, lets take a look at the difference when considering benefits (health care; pensions).

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