Sunday, December 24, 2017

Blue pill: MSM vs Red pill: Truth

I always thought that simply disregarding the Lies of Main Stream Media was sufficient.
I never thought that it actually endangered the uninformed person.

But in this video, Lionel has illustrated the actions of MSM and it's effect on uninformed populations. #QAnon proposes to remove them because of the damage they actually cause to people.
As Lionel says, not only do they misinform, but they actually do something similar as this:
  • "Move along, nothing to see here"
  • A fire rages in a building, they direct escape routes to the most dangerous flame engulfed areas.
According to him, and I now concur, they harm people, by preventing them to see the real dangers, by offering inconsequent and entertaining information. They not only feed the Propaganda of those who control them, but they entice people to react to the wrong 'news'.

100 years since WWI, of planning by the New World Order, their nefarious Agenda is facing failure because of the 'Geeks' of the internet, and the Red Pills disseminated through the population by the 'independent media'.

The enemy of this battle for truth, will be the ignorant, those who never read, never think, the Propaganda Blue Pill users, those who will mostly say "you are crazy" and walk away, the closed minded busy bees of the World...

So, join us, and learn after deliberately taking the Red and very unconfortable pill of Truth and welcome to reality NEO. It's gonna be scary, it's gone be stressful at first, but no one said it was going to be easy. And then NEOs, you will be the Ones.

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