Friday, December 22, 2017

Get US out of the UN

Due to the World wide unpopularity of the recent UN votes, and regardless of the reasons and dilemmas this Global body has, many Americans in the past have said over and over:

Get US out of the UN !
And get the UN out !
"Evict the UN from New York, renovate the building, and make it a housing complex for our Military Veterans." _ said a friend of mine
And it all started when Americans heard of the crimes committed by the 'Blue Helmets', in Eastern Europe, in Haiti, and many other places. UN forces have been proven to kill indiscriminately innocent people, rape women, engaged in human trafficking, and much more.

This once promising World body is not all that cracked out to be, and is not what it was intended to be. It is now the Right Arm of the Globalist Elites, and has become the first steps of a One World Government and Authority. ('the New World Order')

In 2011, an obvious and dangerous sign occurred. Under the guise of a UN resolution, US forces were hijacked under NATO and conducted an otherwise forbidden aggression not backed by the US Congress. The aggression engendered the total chaos now known to be in Libya. Libya is now the hub of too many mischiefs with the participation of CIA created ISIS jihadists.
Today in Libya humans are being sold in broad daylight on Slave Markets. African migrants that escape the slave trade flood the beaches of European countries, all favored by the lawlessness that prevails in this once very organized and wealthy country.

Recently, Globalism driven US politicians went as far as to ask the UN to intervene in the City of Chicago to fight the crime that has prevailed in this 'Gun regulated city'.
From an American point of view this is totally unacceptable. We have National Guards that can do this better than the UN would.

There is a movement by the Globalists to create a so called strong cities network involving UN forces policing streets of American urban areas. Needless to say, that as soon as UN forces start to operate on American soil, the American Militias would deal with them as if they were an invading force. 

I welcome the current conflict between the US and the UN, as I feel the UN should have been kicked out of the US a long time ago. And the US should have withdrawn from the UN and NATO all together.

What the American people fail to realize is that The UN with it's push for Agenda 21 is not what our Constitutional Republic aspires to. California fires, Strong cities network, Land grab, are all conspiracies to implement Agenda 21 by 2030.
Fortunately, some the Americans have awaken and this madness of World corruption could be pushed back. Could it be that our President is provoking the UN on purpose?

Such action gives direction and the tools to fight the Corrupt Globalists in America. Could we see Politicians and previous leaders fall under this jurisdiction?

Keep your eyes open America, the Swamp of Globalists may get cleaned up.

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