Monday, December 18, 2017

CA Fires, an Eviction Notice

The United Nations Partners for Sustainable Development Declare:
"We reaffirm our unwavering commitment to achieving this Agenda and utilizing it to the full to transform our world for the better by 2030."
Below the link to the UN document:


The above Plan is an affirmation to proceed and implement Agenda 21. They are committed  to achieve total control over the Nations of the World. The Nations of the World will be regulated by Regions.

United Nations Conference on Environment & Development
took place in: Rio de Janerio, Brazil, from 3rd to 14th June 1992.

The indoctrination of a generation of children took place through our National school system. The goal was for the children to welcome Sustainable Development and help promote it by becoming Global citizens.
UNESCO had declared the decade of education from 2005 through 2015.
Today every one can see the change of behavior of the younger Americans. They are now Global citizens and no longer cherish the sovereignty of their Nation. They even aspire to Socialism and border line Communism.
Had the Democratic Party not cheated Bernie Sanders of the nomination, We'd probably be living in a Socialist country today.

California Fires are very strange

Many Fire Chiefs question the so called 'Wild Fires'. There are occurrences of materials melting or even turning to ashes as if they were in an incinerator, and not the result of common forest and vegetation fires.

Now, the awaken observer, can tell that it is the work of Directed Energy Weapons or DEW.
Many, are unaware of the progress made with such weapons. Many are not even aware of their existence, if not in Sci-Fi movies.

So, what would be the purpose of causing such mayhem? Who would it benefit?
Look no further than Agenda 21.
California being a special population, as to behavior and Socialist tendencies is the best place to start implementing the Wild Life corridors 'to save the Planet'. It will be accepted by the majority of it's residents.
Hence, removing the population from desired areas will speed up the process.

As a side note.
Globalism is sure to gain ground once the older population of Americans die-off. Our children not only will embrace such program to 'preserve the Planet', but are also well indoctrinated as to embrace a One World Government. With Regions of the World supplanting Sovereignty of Nations, our children will live in total harmony with one another, diversity will be prominent in all parts of the World. Rich nations will no longer exist, and poor Nations will no longer starve. Every Global Citizen will be as valuable as any other, regardless of their assigned jobs. Every Global Citizen will have an equally assigned place to live, and there will no longer be any homeless.

What a Utopian World will they live in !

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