Friday, December 15, 2017


Worse crimes:
  1. Killing, torture, or abuse of children (the innocent, the Saints, the pure).
  2. Mass Killing of defenseless people.
  3. Murder in all forms.
  4. Causing death of a person by recklessness.
  5. Slavery of any form.
  6. Rape of woman, or forced Sodomy on a man.
  7. Abuse or cruelty against any person.
  8. Deliberately Falsely accusing someone.
  9. Cruelty on animals.
  10. Abuse of Power.
  11. Not assisting a person in danger. (no 911 call, no attempt to help).
  12. Killing of animals for other reason than food, defending one self, or to maintain a balance of species.
  13. Destruction of Property.
  14. Deceiving people.
  15. Lying for profit.
  16. Defamation.
  17. Theft.
  18. (and, yes) Lying can be a crime.
Let's not forget that a small crime like lying can cause a major one to occur.

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