Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Dawn of Beehive Earth?

Globalism, is making it's utmost efforts to gain World Domination.

Example of Two Opposites

Two fundamental behaviors are best characterized by two countries of opposite views:
  • Democratic Socialist France
  • The Republic of the USA
The reason I choose these two countries as an example, is that I know both very well since I lived in both for over 15 years. I was born and raised in France as a French citizen. In my early adulthood life, I decided for my new country of adoption, the US of A, a country that was the pearl and the example of Liberty in the whole World. In 1983, with a few years of Socialist government under my belt, I fled, to find purpose in my life. And I succeeded.  Notice that I say WAS in regard to the USA. It goes without any doubt, to realize today's USA is 50% Socialist mentality.  In the example of the US Presidential election, had Bernie Sanders not been robbed of his Democratic nomination, HE would be today's American President. In that sense, the Globalists made a huge mistake.


France is a country where the people's behavior and mind are mostly (except for a minority), Socialists at heart, Globalists in their endeavors and actions.
France still treats the once colonies as still their brother territories.  Most of those countries are on the continent of Africa. The French elite still behave as if those countries owe them their survival.  They still adore spending their lengthy vacations there. On average, French have a month and a half vacation per year.
And, for that same reason, their children rebel against this colonist behavior and want to embrace all of the cultures of those countries. Their brothers from the ancient colonies are welcomed with a wide open door to partake all of the social advantages that Socialist France offers.  They behave this way to right the wrong of their parents, with a sense of guilt. They are willing to go as far as to make France and all those countries indistinguishable from one another.  They praise multiracial marriages, the mixing of the families of their World, and wish to extend it Globally.
What did the colonists do wrong? I'll give you an simple example:
A mother cuts the steak of her 5 year old toddler.  That same mother still cuts the steak of her 10 year old. The child is now a teenager of 15, she still cuts the steak of her beloved child. The same child is 18 and goes on a date in a restaurant, who will cut his steak for him?
In the same fashion take a look at the group 'Médecins Sans Frontières', they have been helping for decades, and what do they have to show for? NO, no African Medical Organization, they still need the do it for us groups.
Any younger French will tell you that a minimal form of government is unthinkable!  And will tell you that government should be involved in any phase of a person's life.

The recent election of Globalist Macron is the embodiment of their aspirations.  Macron, a 'Yes Man' of the Global Elite, shows by his first actions that he does not work for France, but for Europe. Maintaining Europe and strengthening it is a MUST for this Globalist agenda.  No, Macron did NOT meet with the 'ASSEMBLÉE NATIONALE', as his first step in government.  He did however do as Le Pen said he would, He met his European Queen: Angela Merkel.  Merkel is the stick of the EU. They already spoke of the expansion of the commonality of legislation and Taxation, and promised to make it an EU thing.  Now, for those who did not know, the EU central government is NOT elected but an appointed group of bureaucrats.  Who appoints them? Your guess is as good as mine.
If you still have a doubt of the Globalist inclinations of the French, just take a look at all the World organizations from that country, or NGO's: Médecins Sans Frontières; Médecins du Monde; UNICEF; Amnesty International; so many of those originated in France.
France Humanitarian Strategy:


The Republic for which it 'stood', was created as a limited form of government by the consent of the governed with very specific limitations as stated in the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights.
That Republic had very defined forms of checks and balances, with the creation of three (3) separate branches of government: The Executive branch; The Judicial branch; and the Legislative branch. Each of those branches had very defined powers.  And NO, there was no definitions for ATF; DHS; NSA; CIA; Department of Education; Department of Health; etc....
Even though on this day much of the Constitution has NOT been respected, it has still NOT been overturned.  At any time if the people of the Republic demand a return to law and order, it still can return to it's original configuration legally: Liberty; the Pursuit of Happiness; Justice for All; Right to Privacy; etc....
All the people would have to do is appoint Constitution Supreme Court Judges and have them overturn any and all unconstitutional Laws and departments of the Federal Government.
The sovereign States (as it was designed), would then decide to recreate or not the missing departments according to the will of the people of the respective States.
The over a 100 years erosion of the Laws of the Land did not yet turn the USA into a Europe.
Why would Americans want to become an other Europe or South America is beyond me considering most fled those areas of the World to find Liberty and opportunities.
As the Presidents of the past decades strove for the equalization of our country to the other Nations of the world, WE are however very close to become another Europe or South America.  'A New World Order' they were all chanting in their speeches, and Americans fell for it.

Even though many Americans knew about it for a long time, The Deep State or Shadow Government has only been exposed recently. This Deep State has been dictating policies (in the shadows), to all Presidents, Legislators, and Judges, by means still not understood of the general Public.
The Deep State by controlling the Media has been for decades influencing Public opinion with Lies, and False Flags.  False flags have allowed the Military Industrial Complex to go to WAR whenever they found it necessary.  WARS are profitable to the huge Military Industrial Complex that encompasses some of the most powerful Corporations in the World, and they are NOT necessarily US based Corporations.  Matter of fact, it's a Global thing very hard to distinguish it's hierarchical components.  I personally believe the top banking families rule the World.
The media obvious lies triggered the exposure of the Deep State. They either got sloppy, or they are at a point where they feel it does not matter to be exposed, as they are in total control of the US government.  The webbing in place will be very hard, if not impossible to remove. In most Agencies, the Federal government employees have already been given their marching orders, and they will stop at nothing to see the realization of the One World Government or the New World Order.  The NWO does NOT include the USA as a Republic with Liberty and Justice, but an America compliant to the will of the rest of the World.
Yes, granted America is the power house militarily, but this power house has become the Mercenaries of the Elites of the NWO.
We now know that the CIA was the creator and supplier of Al-Quaeda, and now ISIS.  When American soldiers fight ISIS or any terrorist group in the World, they fight the proxy forces of the CIA. And the CIA is controlled by who knows? Certainly not by Congress or the President!
As much can be said of most more national other agencies.  NSA, we all know is the World information gatherer for the Elites of the NWO.
Assassinations have been carried out by those agencies for decades. Some say Kennedy was killed by them. I personally believe so too, as the head wound described was indeed inflicted from the front and not the back where Oswald was. And it so happened a little after Kennedy called out the Shadow Government in a National speech.

As I mentioned earlier, the Deep State made a huge mistake by robbing Bernie Sanders of his nomination.  The USA would already be a Socialist Nation it they had let it be. Bernie had a lot more support than Killery, and would have been elected regardless of the Electoral College system.  This is to say that America is now identifying a lot more to their counterpart Global Socialists of the World.

Now to the current POTUS.
He is facing an immense opposition. On one side the Socialists of America, on the other the treasonous members of the Deep State.
He made many promises, and those promises got him the support of our system of governance of the Electoral College or representation of the entities of each State of the Union.  Can he deliver on those promises? The answer is NO, as he doesn't have the support of Congress and the Agencies of the Federal Government.  They all go against the WILL of the United sovereign States.
POTUS has what seems an un-surmountable task at hand.  He does however know how to make a deal.  But there is no deal to be made with the NWO.  Therefore he will have to play his cards in a subtle way, as does a Chess Master.  He will have to give up some pieces to capture the King.  This Chess match is ongoing, and it will be a very long one, as long as the people understand and support him.  Some say he was bought and paid for before becoming POTUS. Others say they got him. (I did myself thought so too for a little while, until I realized how tough the opposition is).  But then one must only ask himself, why does a 70 year old multimillionaire want to be POTUS? He had everything and more. Could it be that he wants to do his part for his wonderful country of opportunities? He did say recently: 'In America we don't worship government, we worship God'.

America is still one of the Last stand for sovereignty and Liberty, let's keep it that way if you don't want the children of the World to become slaves of the Global Elites.

 Congressional Reform Act of 2017

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