Thursday, May 18, 2017

No American can claim to be free

No American can claim to be free.

No American can claim true ownership of their house.

When you live under the risk of loosing your house for not paying "property tax" you are not Sovereign, you became a 'Tax Payer', a nice modern name for Serf who pay tax to a Feudal King
A lot is wrong, but very few know how far and spread is the fraud perpetrated on our true Constitutional Rights.

All levels of government: from City Halls to Congress are corrupt.
Our. Court system uses a law that is not ours, mocks justice and serves only those who can afford long disputes. Matter of fact, most judges will tell you outright: "We are not here to render justice, but to apply the LAW".

WE the People DEMAND #CongressionalReformAct2017

Call to action 5/27/17

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