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God's Created Beings

Aside from animals and beasts, let's take a look at Beings created by God:
  • The Sons of God
  • The Angels
  • Man and Woman

The Sons of God

The term 'Sons of God' has been and still is a very controversial topic among believers.  We all have an understanding of what we read in Scriptures. Some readers are more than readers, they can be said to be studying, others can even be called Scholars because of their extensive in-depth research.
And then, there is also the debate of what should be called Scriptures. Christians will consider the Bible to be the only viable Scripture.  Not so, for most of our (notice I say 'our') divergent counterpart believers called the Jews.  The Jews from my understanding are divided on The Messiah. Although there is a community of Jews who believe Jesus Christ is The Messiah, most not only do not, but even refute or rebuke Jesus Christ.  The Jews Scriptures are the Torah (our Old Testament texts come from it), and for most, the books of The Talmud (or Jewish law).
So, depending on what we read, what we understand, what we cherish, what and if we have an agenda, our interpretation of 'The Sons of God' will vary. Now, we can't be all right, matter of fact, most of us are wrong. But here are the most accepted understandings of who are the Sons of God:

  • The descendants of Seth son of Adam.
  • The Fallen Angels. (As stated in the book of Enoch)
  • NOT the Fallen Angels (impossible assumption).
  • Another type of Beings (the Immortals, those with the same type of body as Jesus Christ). The video below looks at the texts of the Bible, to make light of the possibilities. The comments posted of the video contain much information and debate (a must read).

The controversy about the Sons of God lies in that Giants were then, and after that. How did those giants come be? The Bible certainly says they were born from the daughters of men, from the Sons of God. But then, Angels are not flesh and blood, and are not of the same kind as men. In the Bible, Angels did materialize in front of men. Jesus Christ put on the body of immortality after his resurrection, and as such he promises us the same at end times.

The Angels or Malach

Those are called by their names in the Bible: Abaddon or Apollyon (Revelation 9:11); Beelzebub (in New Testament); Gabriel (Old and New Testament); Michael (Old and New Testament); Satan.
There is however mention of Archangels in other books. The Catholic Church names seven Archangels. In the Kabbalah ten archangels are cited. Archangels the top hierarchy of Angels.
Are Angels spirits or can they have a physical form? What or who are the morning Stars? Are the Sun and the Moon spiritual beings with a physical form? Are each star in heaven spiritual beings visible to our eyes? Didn't God send beings capable of sitting and eating with men? Lot, Abraham apparently did sit with them.

Angels are more than often cited as beings with a constant mission or work. They are laborers or managers of heaven. They are also cited as the Armies of incredible numbers.

Man and Woman

That we know of, from a Christian perspective, Adam was created by God from the Earth, Eve was created from Adam by God.  There are however other views, in other religions, that other beings were created on Earth by God, prior to Adam, that those beings destroyed themselves and the Earth (Hindus, etc...)

Who or what is Melchizedek?

A King or priest Order?

Psalm 110:4 The Lord hath sworn, and will not repent, Thou art a priest for ever after the order of Melchizedek.

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