Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Senate Russia Sanctions would be Useless anyway.

On June 15th, the Senate passed a Bill for Sanctions against Russia, which also includes additional sanctions on Iran, by an overwhelming 98-2 vote with Sens. Rand Paul, R-Ky. and Bernie Sanders, I-Vt. voting against it.
This Bill however is confronted negatively in the House of Representatives.  Still with a few revisions made to the Bill, the House is resisting.

A Big Thank You! To those who oppose sanctions. Senator Rand Paul as usual one of the most objective Republican Senator, is never intimidated by the majority of Neo-Cons.

With what is happening between China and Russia, this Bill would simply be USELESS, and would only prevent American companies to achieve higher economical results by trading with Russia.

Russia & China sign $10bn investment fund to ease ruble-yuan settlements

Seeing the cooperation between Russia and China, would those Senators still want US economy interests go to waist?  They are about to increase their mutual trade, and we would stand on the sidelines? BRAVO Senators, once again you prove how worthless you are!

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