Thursday, March 1, 2018

We are Sorry, We failed you

We did become complacent.  We were too busy, living 'The Life'.
We lived in the freest country in the World...  And so you would too?
They improved so many things. The 20th Century looked so promising, so we thought the 21st would even be better.

So, yes, they added a few more Laws in the books, and we need a license for everything.
At least we don't need one to breathe, right?
Ohh, they are spraying the skies? Really? What for?

They did raise Taxes a bit too, but we felt our pockets were deep enough.  And they seemed to be spending it for us.  Now wait, they didn't fix infrastructure as needed?
Did they borrow to allow them to do more?  NSA made a huge data collection building for our safety, right? Oh, they spy on us now?

Oh, they increased the Debt a little?
A lot? Let's check this out: U.S. National Debt Clock
Sorry kids, it looks like you'll have to deal with that, when you are of age.
See, we thought that when the Federal Reserve was printing money, it was free.
We didn't know that they were billing us back for it. That Global bankers were in control of it.

We were too busy to check up on what they taught you in school, we thought they had your education under control.  As long as you had good grades, we didn't feel the need to interfere in your learning, after all, education had become so much more organized.
Or, so we thought.
They brainwashed you?
You have become a Socialist? No? A Communist?
Are you serious?
You've never even been in a Socialist or Communist country!
Oh, you've been to some of them on vacation?
And that makes you an expert in history?
I'm sorry, I'm getting angry kids.

But see, Communist Russia, back then was called the USSR.
Now, they are just as Capitalistic as we are.
Wait, your aunt is telling me that we are now a Crony-Capitalist country?
What is that?
Sis, you say they made the Laws to benefit the Large Monopolistic Multinational Corporations?
No wonder we lost all the small businesses! Good Grief! What where we doing, sleeping at the wheel?
And the Jobs!
That's why China and Mexico got them all!

Ok, kids, like I said, we are sorry.  We should have paid attention to you and your country.

Oh, so, you're blaming me now?
I don't like your attitude, stop acting like a victim!
While I'm still of this Earth, let's fix it!
You and I, yes, I'll tell you all about how it was before, and You'll understand what we have to do.
And why beholdest thou the mote that is in thy brother's eye, but considerest not the beam that is in thine own eye?
You want more Laws? For What?
You want assurance for your future?
You want what? You want a better life than we had?
OK! I got it!
Stop your college thing because unless you are top notch, you will be Manager at McDonalds.
So, I'll teach you my trade, and you'll work for me for free, while I train you.
You don't want to do that?
Look, I started working at 17 for peanuts, and worked ever since, with on average one day off a week.  And I'll soon retire with the money I paid in or saved.

Oh, you want to work only 30 hours a week, 2 days off a week, 2-3 months vacation a year, and a 6 figure pay?
No compromise?
We owe it to you?

Yes, in a way we do.
We messed it up so much for you, no wonder...
Now the brother shall betray the brother to death, and the father the son; and children shall rise up against their parents, and shall cause them to be put to death.

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