Saturday, April 14, 2018

NWO defined

OK, I have written many times about:
  • The New World Order
  • The Deep State (US)
  • The Shadow Government
It seems most still cannot grasp the meaning of those terms.
Until 2016, the average American had never heard of the Deep State and the Shadow Government.  They did however hear about the New World Order very often, without understanding the significance of it.  Bill O'Reilly is a perfect example of it, when he states that 'they' could not collude to mislead.

Let's start with the NWO

According to Papa Bush, a utopian world where no conflict nor famine would exist.  This utopian world would have to be either agreed upon by all the nations of the world or be set by force.

The later is what they have been doing mostly with the continuous wars.  They did however instill the doctrine in the minds of our young ones while they were in government schools: INDOCTRINATION.

The NWO in it's completed phase would be a World panel of Oligarchs that would RULE the World.  Those Oligarchs would be the Richest, most powerful, most influential people in the World.  Once in Power, they would control every country in every aspect of people's lives.  They would suppress any resistance to their desired laws with military force.  This ruling class would decide what is best for every individual of the World.

An example of such panel is already in place for the European Union.  The Law makers operating out of Brussels Belgium, are not elected, but nominated.  By whom?
By the European branch of the NWO.

Today, the main body of this future NWO is the United Nations, and NATO, their military force.  The UN has already decided the future and organization of the nations of the World with the texts of Agenda 21 (agenda for the 21st century), and the later Agenda 2030. Agenda 2030 is a confirmation and engagement to complete the stated decisions for the World by year 2030.

It is something I have mentioned in previous articles, that some people are not inclined to abide by the UN resolutions and texts of Agenda 21.  People unaware are likely to accept, as it is introduced through their local county ordinances (for the US), as a benefit to the local community.  In other countries, they just do it.
There are two countries in the World where resistance to such Agenda will be fierce, if not already: USA and Russia.
Half of Americans are opposed to their plans. In Russia, it seems the government and it's people are opposed to it. Hence, the demonizing of Russia.

The Shadow Government

They are the people who operate to influence the decisions of our Elected Officials.  Some are highly visible: Lobbyists.
Lobbyists, are accepted by the American people, because in most cases they represent a group of American people with a wish list.
Some Lobbyists however, influence our Lawmakers for the benefit of other nations.  And this, for the Lawmakers who go along, is borderline, if not complete TREASON.
Then there is groups know as CFR; MIC; etc. who are literally the bosses of some of our Lawmakers. HRC (Hillary) never made a decision without consulting with the CFR.
Those are the ones we know of. But, like an iceberg, we only see part of it.
Their main goal is the completion of the NWO, or Global Governance.

The Deep State

Those guys are all over our government in every branch and agency.  Most of the Intelligence agencies are filled with those operatives.  The problem with this group is that they never leave government.  Once they are hired they stay until retirement.
Those operatives are TRAITORS to the American People.
Deep Staters do the biding of foreign groups, follow orders of the Shadow Government.

Will those people deceive us to achieve their Goal?
They control Main Stream Media.
I would say yes, they deceive us constantly.

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