Monday, April 30, 2018

Chemtrails Geoengineering Over Las Vegas Today Agenda 21 in Progress

Only the Strong will survive this slaughter.
Next generations will have shorter lives.

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  1. To get the most realistic statistics PLEASE WATCH Geoengineering Affects You, Your Environment, and Your Loved Ones where the numbers are documented as independently produced lab’s testes. Also it is important to watch how the number of concerned and learning people grow! and how they do their excellent research on factual data explaining man-made monstrosities on a Global level and show how important it is for us to be active in order to stop these illegal industries and “activities”.
    We do not have to create a bloody revolution to stop man-made monstrosities: if we all stop being stupid irresponsible consumers this will change our world tremendously as the industries of poisonous products would not survive without consumers: just need to stop buying GMO food and harmful drugs, demand clean water and air, create more diverse small sound businesses on premises producing healthy food, and goods, provide healthy safe services and even establish organic farming for schools locally.
    Can Geoengineering Save the World from Global Warming?
    Absolutely not.

    The "geoengineer" refers to one who contrives, designs or invents at the largest planetary scale possible for either military or civilian purposes.

    “Weather and Climate Control, "the term 'geoengineering' remains largely undefined," but is loosely, "the intentional large-scale manipulation of the global environment; planetary tinkering; a subset of terraforming or planetary engineering." David Biello

    Those whom we so wish to trust as true scientific and statistic analysis are difficult to find, because academic sciences are almost entirely corrupted as they are very well paid for lies and pretends under the unavoidable Gov. and military control. The organizations such as NASA, UN Agenda 21 or Agenda30, Monsanto, Geoengineering and G5 productions, chemical-industries+++ CO2 is a dangerous in its concentrations but it can be reversible, the air purified with many existing methods. CO2 is always naturally produced in nature Human CO2 is a tiny % of CO2 emissions - though it is VERY HARMFUL to OUR HEALTH WHEN CONCENTRATED where we live and breathe.
    “The oceans contain 37,400 billion tons (GT) of suspended carbon, land biomass has 2000-3000 GT. The atmosphere contains 720 billion tons of CO2 and humans contribute only 6 GT additional load on this balance. The oceans, land and atmosphere exchange CO2 continuously so the additional production by humans is incredibly small. A small shift in the balance between oceans and air would cause a CO2 much more severe rise than anything we could produce.