Friday, April 13, 2018

Rep. Tulsi Gabbard Questions Secretary Mattis on Syria

Why can't we seem to be able to elect more House Representatives like her?
Tulsi Gabbard along with Rand Paul are models that all of our elected officials should strive to emulate.

Although she tends to seek too much Social financial support and benefits by Federal Government for the people, Rep. Gabbard is usually very accurate, on point and exerts much wisdom on most matters. Her only mistake is that what she wants for the whole country, she should only seek it at state level. This is how our Constitution was designed.
I think she is a force to reckon with for our country. Hawaii made a great choice in electing such official.

Thank You Tulsi Gabbard for being Constitutionally minded.

Where most of our elected officials fail, she and Senator Paul excel.

I wonder it most of our elected officials would pass a Basic Test on their knowledge of the Constitution. For one none of them call our country a Constitutional Republic, but instead, always refer to a Democracy. A failure proving they don't even know where they live.

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