Thursday, May 24, 2018

Gullible People

Most people are gullible because they are good.
The goodness of people prevents them from seeing the Evil perpetrated on them.
They can't fathom what Evil people have up their sleeves, because they themselves couldn't even imagine how far Evil can go.
This is why most people are quickest to blame the ones closest to them for their misery.

Evil Men and Women know this, and know how to manipulate people and clash them one against another.
Throughout history, Rulers have used subterfuges to divide people and bring about their desired outcome. Mentioning any example is wasted time, as most refuse to recognize the Evil done in the past by the Evil ruling classes.
Even when about to lose their lives, people blame the ones tacking their lives, and not those who sometimes through deceit or even threats, ordered them to do so.

In very few instances in history did people target their wrath of vengeance on the instigators of their misery or the death of their loved ones.
And the instigators are almost always pretending to feel sorry for unleashing such.
And in so doing, almost always, are permitted to repeat their Evil acts.

Today, so many things are done the guise to benefit people, when in reality, it only benefits the few Evil Men and Women.

In addition, technology permits deception of highest level. Lies abound. Propaganda is even made legal. The monitoring of peoples behavior has become so easy. The manipulation of people's emotions is used in every way possible.

And so, even those who know that, still fall for it.

  • Domestic Surveillance Directorate (NSA data collection)
  • Central Intelligence Agency (Murder, False Flags, Taking down of Governments)
  • Main Stream Media (mostly controlled by the CIA and the Elite Globalists)
  • FBI (domestic political control of anything even elections)
  • MK Ultra, a CIA mind control program.
  • Smith-Mundt Act, makes Propaganda Legal.
  • The "Social Networks" created, funded, and controlled by CIA with the help of NSA.
  • Politicians bought and paid for by foreign Nations, will tell anything to get elected.
  • City Councils, often supporting foreign programs designed by the United Nations.
  • Science based on theories for the purpose of influencing people's behaviors.
  • Big Pharma to detune the senses of populations, and render them submissive.
  • Government schools to indoctrinate the young.
  • Social programs to destroy the family construct.
  • Universities to change the people's ideologies.
  • Vaccines to increase sterilization in some parts of the World.
  • Systemic suppression of history and it's lessons.
  • GMO foods (who knows what they'll do to our young)
  • DNA manipulations, to select or even favor types of humans.
  • Cloning to even more select human types, or for harvesting organs.
  • Human Trafficking for modern slaves and organ harvesting. (Satanic ceremonials)
  • GeoEngineering to Kill unwanted populations and maintain a survival of the fittest.
Enjoy the Future. (Being Sarcastic)

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